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in.gredients Grocery Stores

The business world is increasingly diverse, made up of a wide range of organizations delivering unique products and services to customers around the world. You might think you’ve heard it all, but you probably don’t realize that the following four unusual businesses exist.

in.gredients: Zero-Waste Grocery Store

Grocery stores often add waste to people’s lives, as they sell products packaged in plastic, Styrofoam, and other substances that accumulate in landfill. But in.gredients, a grocery store in Austin, Texas, is doing things differently. This retailer encourages shoppers to use their own containers for everything but meat and dairy products, whose packaging is regulated by the state.

Strategic partnerships with companies like Compost Pedallers and Break it Down help in.gredients achieve its own goal of reducing waste as much as possible. Its operational innovations see in.gredients diverting roughly 99 percent of its materials away from the landfill. The business also stocks foods and other products from local companies to reduce transportation-related emissions. With a beer garden and space for public events, in.gredients does things its own way.

Virtual Dating Assistants: Get an Expert to Secure Your Online Dates

Internet dating is an effective path to love in the 21st century, with more than one in 10 Americans in committed relationships of five years or less saying they met their partner online, according to Pew Research. However, virtual dating can be time-consuming. If dating online sounds too much like hard work, Virtual Dating Assistants might be the answer.

This unique business writes your profile, sends messages to people you might like, and even chats to them online until they’re ready to meet you in person. You only need to show up and hope you’re as charming as the virtual dating assistants!

BigRentz: Construction and Maintenance Equipment for Rent

Everyone has heard of renting cars and apartments, but what about renting construction and maintenance equipment? These machines can be expensive for businesses to buy outright, and companies also need to consider the ongoing time and maintenance costs. In addition, after investing in these types of equipment, most businesses can’t afford to upgrade to newer technology regularly.

BigRentz provides a practical solution for businesses by offering machines like boom and scissor lifts, dump trucks, single- and double-drum rollers, and skid steers for rent. Daily, weekly, and monthly rates help businesses choose their most affordable rental option.

Neuticles: Testicular Implants For Your Furry Friend

Unless you’re a registered and responsible breeder, neutering your male cats and dogs is an important way to prevent unwanted animal pregnancies and moderate behavior. However, many pet owners feel their pets just aren’t the same after the snip. If you bemoan the loss of your pet’s masculinity, you’ll love Neuticles.

Just like they sound, Neuticles are testicular implants. Available in a range of sizes for cats and dogs, the company claims its medically-approved polypropylene implants will boost your pet’s confidence and help it look its best after neutering.

The modern business landscape is an exciting and unusual one featuring both traditional organizations and firms that delight in doing it their own way. With original concepts that stand out from the crowd, these diverse businesses are as inspiring as they are innovative.

Image source: Image via Flickr by cherrywood_78722

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