Cable Companies Making Fortunes On Uninformed Homeowners

Pay only for what you use!

Here’s the bottom line: many people are paying a lot of money for the cable/internet/TV package when they could be saving a lot more.

This typically happens when you sign up for a big package deal or discount rate for services that you think you might use (or intend to), but you stop using those services after a few months. Your bill doesn’t change, though – it’s the same lump sum every month.

This is a standard business tactic used by various internet and cable providers, and they’ve made a fortune from uninformed homeowners. If you’ve stopped using cable/internet services, you shouldn’t be paying for them. Typically, these services might include:

  • Heavy gaming and video game streaming
  • Video and movie streaming (Netflix, Pay-Per-View)
  • Sports stations (NBA, NFL, other seasonal sports)

Once the season is over or the fad is done, you’re left paying upwards of twice the internet and cable you use. Here’s how to stop spending an exorbitant amount of money on services you don’t use and start using that money for something better.

1. Identify What You’re Paying For, and Determine if You Use It

Video games and movie streaming typically cost a lot in internet and cable fees, and if you’re using them, then great. But if you’ve canceled your Netflix subscription or broken your Xbox, it might be time to reevaluate your cable plan.

What are you paying for? Most plans have “unlimited” data usage, which is excellent, but the cost might be too much for those who aren’t using it enough. Identify those costs, and determine if they can go or not.

2. Look At Competitor Rates

More prominent companies like Cox and AT&T have the luxury of charging customers less, and many homeowners have found the right fit. There are usually deals going around; hurry and grab the sign-up promo from AT&T before it runs out! AT&T is one of the better choices for cable and the internet, mainly if you stream many videos. However, there are other options as well – that’s the trick, finding the right plan.

One small tip: pick a flexible plan, if possible. You want to have the plan to cancel when you want, instead of waiting for nine more months to pass before you can change anything.

3. Plan For the Future With Your Hobbies in Mind

You’ll probably need to know about what you’ll be using your internet and cable for before you make the purchase. Don’t get bullied into buying the deluxe premium NBA package if you never watch any games or the ultra discount gaming package if you only grab a controller a couple of days of the month.

When you buy, plan for the future – break the cycle of paying too much for services you don’t need or want. However, if you’ve found yourself with a few new gadgets from the holiday season, you should probably take those into account too.

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