The word Science is derived from the Latin word science, which means knowledge. To put it simply, science can be defined as knowledge about the natural world based on facts, experiments, theories, and ideas. Galileo Galilei is known as the Father of Science.

Seat Belt – A Life Saving Belt!

Life is the most precious thing on earth. To live long we not only have to eat well and exercise but also follow some necessary rules of safety. Wearing a seat belt while driving a car is one of them. A lot of people ignore this thinking it’s just a belt that it’s incapable of

The discovery of the Anti-Atom serves as a new ray of hope

Geneva, a popular place for having the UN headquarters in it, has witnessed one of the greatest inventions to date. The Geneva scientists have successfully created an antihydrogen atom and held it for enough time (i.e., 100msec) for a test. This test has made it possible for scientists to discover that this atom has the

How India developed the SPACE STATION !! (Success Story)

In the early 1960s…India was slowly awakening to the Space age…Although the rest of the world was preparing to reach for the Moon…we were making our humble beginning…a small rocket took off from Thumba on the outskirts of Thiruvananthapuram, announcing the birth of the modern space age in India. That was when the Thumba Equatorial

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