Celebrate love in a unique and compelling way

Man with guitar portrait

Everybody in this life deserves to love and be loved more than he could ever expect or imagine.

Every person at the bottom of his heart has a deep desire to be loved unconditionally and when this desire is fulfilled they seem so happy and blissful.

Preserving this love is almost as necessary as it is to find it.

Wedding - Couple Posters, Sketches
Wedding – Couple Posters, Sketches

Lucky are those who find it but even luckier are those who cherish it every single moment of their life for they know that a meaningful relationship is the true wealth of life.

Let us celebrate this emotion of love by gifting our better half something which is deeply connected to their body and soul.

Couple Oil Portrait Photo Frames
Couple Oil Portrait Photo Frames

It should be something that reminds them of a beautiful time or memory.

A custom portrait painting can be the perfect fit for the above mentioned points.

The only way that you can successful preserve a relationship is if you have learnt to first love yourself without any conditions.

Somewhere in our brain we all have this notion that love is a flawless and perfect emotion.

Love is beautiful agreed, but by no means is it without any flaws because beauty lies in the imperfections.

Couple Oil Painting Portrait Photo Frames
Couple Oil Painting Portrait Photo Frames

There is no relationship which does not have mixed feelings and this is actually necessary to make your love even stronger.

Only a sailor who has conquered the ruthless waves appreciates a calm and welcoming sea.

Love is not necessarily choosing a partner who has no shortcomings rather love is helping your partner overcome and conquer his/her disadvantages.

Hours seem like seconds when you are in the presence of those who truly matter to you.

With all this being said it is still important that you recreate the perfect moment for them and what better way to do this than to turn photo to painting of a golden memory.

Horse with man charcoal portrait.
Charcoal portrait

It will make his/her day and bring a billion dollar smile to that face.

You can get your customized portrait painting at PortraitFlip which is an e-commerce site that specializes in making handmade paintings.

They offer a wide variety of choices when it comes to mediums such as charcoal portraits, oil portraits, watercolor portraits, acrylic portraits, pencil sketches, and color pencil sketch portraits.

You are constantly kept in the loop with updates on your painting and all of this at incredibly amazing prices.

What else do you need?

An awesome gift that to at a reasonable price.

Life is a collection of events and choices. Some make us happy and others make us sad but through all of this we gain a lot of experiences.

These experiences help shape our life and destiny.

They mold our personality and make us the people who we are today.

Love is one such experience and this experience can change your life in a whole different way.

It will prove to be the wind beneath your wings and the shoulder on which you can rest your head.

Girl - Charcoal Sketching - Photo Frames
Girl – Charcoal Sketching – Photo Frames

The greatest and worst thing about love is that it cannot be put into words at times. It needs a symbol which can define it.

This symbol has to be something really special as well as something that can connect with them on a really personal note.

This valentine gift your special half a handmade portrait painting and light up their entire world.

“It’s one thing to fall in love. It’s another to feel someone else fall in love with you, and to feel a responsibility toward that love.”

David Levithan
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