Choose a Healthy and a Secured Life for Your Family This New Year

What is your New Year Resolution for the coming year? Those who believe in making pledges on this occasion, the list may be long. Such resolutions might include things as simple as a workout to be started, quitting smoking or drinking, doing away with all the junk foods, keeping your surroundings or room clean etc.

On a deeper level, you may also wish success at every stage for your children. You may wish to see your family happy all the time. However, if you think that going on long holidays, watching movies every weekend, bringing that rocking chair for your ageing parents and presenting the most expensive toys to your kids are the sources to secure their happiness, you need to think again.

This is because the best thing that you can give them is a healthy life. Your children’s health can secure their future endeavours and your parents’ good health will enhance the quality of their lives.

Now the question is: How to Do So?

1. Aim for a Healthy Lifestyle

Adopting a healthy lifestyle, doing away with the harmful habits like cigarettes, alcohol and junk food intake must be your small resolutions to ensure that your family keeps fit and fine. It is feasible enough to think that exercising self-restraint, regular exercise, walking, yoga, and enough play time for kids in your family is ensuring that they remain healthy. But, in today’s time, health is not a guaranteed result even if you are keeping a tab on your weight, food intake and other such necessary factors.

2. Aim for a Healthy Surrounding

Looking at the current figures of diseases in India and worldwide, you must be well-aware that the cases of dengue and malaria have doubled up in our country in the past couple of years. According to the World Health Organisation; Delhi reported a total number of 1800 cases of dengue fever in 2015. The situation has not yet seen any drastic improvement even in 2016. Such is the case for several other diseases and these include some of the most critical ones like cardio-vascular problems, asthma, bronchitis, diabetes, liver failure, and kidney problems etc.

The only solution is, taking care of the environment, not only in your house but also outside. Ensure that the surrounding areas around the house is kept free of Mosquito breeding elements, refrain from burning of trash etc. are small steps that can go a long way in ensuring a healthy environment.

3. Exercise Daily

Yoga and daily exercise as well as taking all the precautions related to the diseases are not sufficient. Much of the lifestyle sickness is attributed to lack of physical activity in today’s city life. A routine daily exercise can break this trend to give you an edge against such health risks.

4. Get a Family Health Insurance Cover

This is perhaps best gift that you can give to your family. The family health insurance is a security cover that will protect you and your family from the resulting financial burden in case a health emergency.

A family health insurance plan benefits your family’s health in more than one ways. It’ll provide for the healthcare expenses in case of emergency hospitalization. Also, a family health policy provides for a preventive health check-up every few years.

If you are planning to start a family in the coming year, you can also avail the provision for maternity and baby care expenses in your family health plan. The cover for a child younger than five years is only available if both parents are covered under the same plan; i.e. only under a family health insurance plan, if you are planning to buy a family health plan this new year, you can try HDFC ERGO health insurance policies that provides all the important benefits that will help you secure the future of your family.

A separate health plan can be bought for your ageing parents, for their specific healthcare needs. Apart from safeguarding your financial and family health, health insurance premiums provide you tax benefits under section 80D.

Also, a healthy lifestyle makes you eligible for lower premiums for health insurance.

So, what are you waiting for? Welcome this New Year, 2017 with a new wave of enthusiasm and energy. Avail a suitable health insurance policy to make your family secure financially and ensure a healthy lifestyle for all.

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I am done with my Physiotherapy Graduation. And I always try to share Health and technology tips with people. Apart from Physiotherapy and being a tech savvy, I do explore more on Technology side and I keep sharing my findings with wider audience.

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