Correct Anchor Text Distribution to Dominate Google

In the SEOsphere, there are SEO executives and then there are the “SEO Experts”. The SEO executives know how to create backlinks, whereas the experts know how to build backlinks the correct and effective way to dominate Google.

Effective off-page does not mean spamming the internet with more of your website’s links. It involves distributing the anchor text naturally with a mixture of do-follow and no-follow backlinks, so as to avoid your website from getting penalized and helps you dominate the SERPs.

You might be wondering: How does Google decide if you are building backlinks unnaturally? Simple, it looks at your Anchor Text.

  1. You create a backlink.
  2. Google crawls and indexes your backlinks.
  3. Steps 1 and 2 are repeated and now you have a link profile.

This link profile is analyzed and compared to your on-page optimization. If your on-page is optimized for the keywords “Digital Marketing Company” and your link profile has 100% anchors for the target keywords, then your website will surely be hit by a penalty. A normal website will never have 100% exact match anchors.

This is why you need to distribute your anchor text correctly. We recommend the anchor text distribution percentage, shown in the infographic below, which has worked effectively for our clients:

Correct Anchor Text Distribution To Dominate Google
Correct Anchor Text Distribution To Dominate Google

Source: Fruitbowl Digital

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