Creating the Perfect Valentine’s Day Weekend

Have a memorable Valentine's Day weekend

With Valentine’s Day falling on a Saturday this year, you have the opportunity to make your celebration of love last even longer. Instead of just doing dinner or evening out with your special someone, make an entire weekend of it.

If you are looking for something to do in the New York area, go big with the following ideas:


With so many beautiful spots within the city, take the weekend to visit some of the places you haven’t seen. A night on or off-Broadway can be a great way to take in some culture and spend a romantic evening together.

When combined with a weekend stay at the Carlyle, you can pamper and relax in style with the person you love most. You also will be ideally located to take a carriage ride through Central Park and mere minutes away from a one-of-a-kind meal at the iconic River Café.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is one of the top romantic destinations in the world. With several quality hotels and resorts overlooking the falls, as the historic Grandview Manor, you can take advantage of a view like no other. The location also has several shows available, including live music and stand-up comedy.

During the day, take in the amazing scenery with a variety of nature walks and trails. Or, take in the Days of Wine and Chocolate event, which features custom wine and chocolate pairings at 26 different wineries in the area so that you can explore the tastes and flavors unique to the area.


If you want to get away but don’t want to go too far, think about spending the weekend in the Hamptons. This vacation spot can give you a break from the busy city and your everyday lives to enjoy a relaxing and beautiful environment. The Maidstone Hotel is a one-of-a-kind place to spend a romantic weekend.

Each of the 19 rooms is individually designed and decorated to have its own atmosphere. Additionally, the menu is as unique as the rooms, featuring organic Scandinavian cuisine. They also have an impressive brunch and a fully stocked wine cellar.

There will be a custom screening of romantic movies in nearby East Hampton, including “A Little Romance” on the afternoon of the 14th. There also are museums, Valentine’s Day-themed workshops and contests, and family-friendly ways to celebrate this loving holiday.

And, for those looking to explore their sweeter side, Southampton is home to the Hampton Chocolate Factory, where there are several chocolate bars available to indulge in. This can be a special place to give your sweetheart a delicious gift to share.

Whatever you choose to do this Valentine’s Day weekend, be sure to make it memorable. Whether you spend the night out on the town or plan a quick vacation, take the weekend to spend as much time as you can with your special someone, and savor the memories you create together.

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