Why Daycare Is Beneficial for Young Children

Daycare benefits for your kids

Juggling two functions at the same time is not easy especially if you are left without a choice to take the challenge. This has been a common problem, especially for parents who need to earn a living to support their family and household; more so, for single parents who do not have somebody to help raise their young ones while they hold down a job.

As this has been a frequent reality in all places like Marlborough, more and more working parents are acknowledging the importance of daycare to take care of their little ones as they make a living.

With all the benefits in terms of learning and development, one viable and economical solution parents cannot say no to is Daycare. Marlborough-based parents have seen how quality daycare centers can be ideal partners in performing parental duties and helping their kids improve academically and socially.

With all the scientific studies that proved how a daycare environment can be advantageous for children from 6 months to 6 years of age through quality daycare programs, daycare centers are really truly worth considering.

Here are more reasons why daycare is beneficial for young children:

1. Daycare promotes intellectual development and growth

Normal life is jam-packed with activities stuffed into a regular schedule. In daycare, with a full slate of activities that include storytelling, songs, and other fun activities, kids will be taught that life is about learning and not slacking.

High-quality daycare programs usually entail such tasks that are actually considered essential to the children’s intellectual development and growth. Daycare programs are designed not only for the kids but also for the parents, ensuring that their kids are behaving desirably.

2. Daycare programs support academic advancement

According to a study by the National Institutes of Health in the United States, kids who were sent to Daycare Centers turned out to have more advanced academic and cognitive credentials in their adult stage than those who were left at home during their childhood days.

Out of around 1,500 children studied, the majority with advanced academic records were found to have spent their early years in high-quality daycare facilities that provide programs focusing on social interaction, cognitive skills, and support activities.

3. Daycare facilitates quality interaction among kids

Quality daycare has their kids go through a quality interaction program where kids get to spend time around each other in a structured, safe, and highly supervised environment. With such a conducive place to discover their personalities, kids and their peers are likely to learn to solve problems, play, and share ideas together.

4. Daycare teaches kids to properly interact with other adults

Children in nature learn how adults behave most likely by observing their parents or elderly. While this may appear to be okay, a typical household environment is usually unfiltered. That means there may be situations not fit for kids’ learning.

The good news is a quality daycare center like that in Marlborough has programs that help children see adults as mentors while the latter continues to carry out social, emotional, and spiritual guidance.

The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development conducted a study in 2006 and found out that high-quality daycare could be likened to quality caregiving. In daycare centers, kids are usually encouraged and taught about positivity.

5. Daycare gives way for a smoother transaction to Kindergarten

According to research at the University of Texas at Austin, Texas, kids who have been enrolled in daycare were more likely to have smooth kindergarten experiences. Additionally, these kids happened to be more active in school as they got older.

This only goes to show that daycare provides a win-win solution both for the kids and their parents who want them to achieve academic excellence. To many, early years in daycare constitute smoother schooling in the future.

6. Daycare is a Socially Beneficial Solution for Kids and an Economically Beneficial Solution for Parents

After you have done your research and gone over a lot of studies proving how daycare is a good investment for your child, it is still totally understandable if you found yourself still feeling nervous as you take this leap as a parent knowing you will be entrusting her to total strangers who only have credentials and reviews to show.

But did you know that the short amount of time you are left with your kid while you send and fetch her to Daycare is just as beneficial? A study from the University of Chicago has found that in those few minutes, parents bond with their kids as they drop them to school, and parents gained social capital and a sense of security.

Along with that, parents of the kids studied were found to be less depressed and less struggling financially in the long run. And thanks to government programs that sponsor daycare tuitions for low-wage earners, no parent will be left feeling helpless in the long run.

7. Daycare teaches kids about resilience

Resilience is one of the best things a daycare introduces to a child. Not only it teaches kids not to give up easily, it also helps them cope better when tragedy or unwanted situations arise. No parent does not want to protect their child from the world’s dangers and harms and this is what daycare center owners are trying to address, that busy and working parents’ kids will learn resilience through their help.

Daycare centers are generally considered safe environment for kids. Hence, parents can be assured that their kids can explore the world and personalities without threats. Moreover, daycare centers teach kids to be independent and this teaches them to discover themselves better.

By making them feel like decide on their own without the fear of being scolded and discovering the effects of their acts, they will be able to distinguish the difference between good and bad behavior. In the long run, daycare programs will help kids build patience, empathy, confidence, and self-esteem.

Find a quality daycare center that you will feel secure enrolling your child in; a center that not only supports and encourages positivity to your little one but also provides a different sense of security for you as a parent knowing your kid is in safe hands.

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