Factors That Affect Custom Software Development Costs

Software Development Life Cycle and Process

When we choose to use software available off the shelf, we often feel that it is insufficient to perform the necessary functions to support our company’s day-to-day operations. For this reason, many opt for custom software to break through that barrier.

The limitations of off-the-shelf software greatly depend on the needs of a certain company, but fortunately, there is always the option to create custom software from scratch. Before choosing to develop custom software, it is wise to consider some factors that affect custom software development costs.

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Many variables affect the cost of custom software. Two of the biggest factors that greatly affect the cost of custom software development are developing the actual software and the total money spent on development.

Of course, it is only wise to create a budgeting and targeting plan before we start to develop software; however, all too many times, the initial estimates most likely overshoot the initial forecasts. When calculating software development costs, we should always expect to include more in the initial cost.

Time is perhaps the greatest enemy of software developers. A lot of customers have deadlines for the end product to be finalized. When we rush a project, it does, in fact, save costs. However, don’t forget about the quality of the final software.

It will most likely be riddled with software bugs, and the time needed to polish these bugs will be left out. Custom software development specialists by Corporate Interactive know of these dangers, and our years of experience have taught us how to manage time effectively when developing software.

Most software developers go by the hour rate. How big your project is will affect how many people will be behind the project. The prices asked by developers also depend on their experience in developing quality software. If, for example, a developer has experience in developing software for worldwide known companies, then you will most likely pay more for using their services.

The experience of more seasoned developers will also affect the time we would need to hire their services, thus saving money. As a rule of thumb, we get what we pay for. Many web development companies in Sydney offer their services by the hour, but most are open to negotiations.

Another aspect that should not be overlooked is the complexity of the custom software itself. If we were aiming for a rather complex software with multiple functions and interactivity, most likely, we would have to pay more for its development. Many web development companies in Sydney outsource their work, but Corporate Interactive never takes this easy way out.

There are advantages in doing so, but again these developers might demand a higher price. The more complex the software is, the more time is needed to develop it and thus finally greatly affect the cost of the software development.

The location might also be an issue in play. Custom software is usually generated in the location specified by the developers, but it is also uncommon for many clients to have their software developed in locations specified.

Some developers might even choose to develop software in a country outside the clients. This has cost-saving measures and even provides the developer with a range of other options, such as local developers in that country itself.


Now that we know about some of the factors that affect the cost of custom software development, we should consider our needs. In the end, it goes back to the functionality of the custom software itself. Corporate Interactive has years of experience in this area and understands the factors contributing to the cost of custom software.

The years of knowledge can help you evade most of the problems that surround custom software development. Get in touch with us today, and we’ll make sure that you get your money’s worth in custom software development.

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