Fall Is When You Should Do These Home Preparations

House Maintenance

Spring is when you pull out your mops and sponges to scrub every inch of the house. The summer is for taking care of your yard by mowing the lawn and fixing up a flourishing garden.

Now that the fall season is finally here, you need to get these responsibilities crossed off of your to-do list.

Inspect Your House For Drafts:

A helpful tip for preparing your home for fall is to check your doors and windows to see if you can spot any clues of air leaking through – the drafts may not be a big problem when you first discover them, but they will be very upsetting by the time the temperature dips below zero.

When you notice red flags like chilly air or faint whistling when all the exits are closed, beads of condensation covering the glass, and spiking energy bills, your house is telling you that it’s a great time to replace your windows and entrance doors.

Energy Efficient Windows

Energy-efficient windows made with features like low-emissivity glass and warm edge non-metal super spacers are designed to be strong barriers against the harshest temperatures, so your family can feel comfortable no matter what the weather is like outside.

Secure these upgrades from Casa Bella Windows & Doors because they provide some of the most energy-efficient replacement windows Toronto can get-many of their available options exceed the requirements set by the Energy Star initiative.

You can also hire their professional team to install the doors and windows for you, to guarantee that there are no gaps for air to sneak through.

Check On Your Water Softener System

Your water softener system often gets overlooked. It’s not glamorous, and dealing with all that salt can be troublesome. However, most homes could use a fall tune-up for their water softener systems or may consider getting a new water softener system altogether and making the upgrade before the holidays come around. Either way, now is the time to make sure yours is good to go and the salt levels are ready for the holiday rush!

Clean Out Your Chimney

When the weather gets cooler, you will be tempted to throw a log into the fireplace and warm up the house. One of the best reasons to inspect your chimney every year during the fall is that it will continue to build up a layer of creosote, which is highly flammable – ignoring the annual chore increases your risk of falling victim to a house fire. Before you start gathering wood to store in your living room, call the professionals to clean the chimney.

Clear Out The Gutters

Dried leaves, twigs, and acorns will tumble off of trees directly into your gutters throughout the season. The unsightly problem clogs up the passages, making it difficult for rainwater to move to the downspout, causing overflows and pushing water to the lowest level of the house.

The build-up also makes for an opportune nesting area for birds, squirrels, and other types of pests. You should clean your gutters and eaves troughs by scooping out the grime with a trowel and then running water from a garden hose from the highest point to check if the system is draining properly.

By the time fall is over, it could be too late to finish these necessary chores and fixes – the windows will be frosted over and the gutters will be covered in snow. You will be so happy that you didn’t wait until the last minute to get your house ready for the cold weather.

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