Fascinating List of Mobile Apps that Can Help Your Business Grow

Mobile Apps and Business Growth

Technology is moving incredibly fast at such a pace that it has helped mobile app development companies to shrunk down their requirements merely to some business apps. Applications that could do the marketing, aid in sales, and could help manage the several tasks related to business development are booming in the industry.

All thanks advent of technology that we are able to use the most incredible apps available for entrepreneurs so that they could manage different business-related tasks efficiently. These apps allow organizations to scale up and progress continually eliminating the additional cost of hiring a resource.

Here comes the varied list of the most engaging mobile apps that help businesses grow. The compilation offers a brief on the applications that are available for free for the users.

Let’s start with the very first app!

1. Google Analytics App

The range of applications that Google offers makes it one of the prominent organizations that are helping many mobile app development companies to succeed in their business endeavors.

Google Analytics is one such app from the search giant that leverages efficient tracking of your website regarding its performance. It allows the website owners to keep track of visitors browsing through the websites in order to know their specific locations. Websites owners can also keep the track of time for the particular period a person stays on a website.

Google Analytics performs excellent for desktop users and is available equally for Android and iOS users for free.

2. LinkedIn Pulse

LinkedIn Pulse serves greatly to business-centered users to help them gather all the happenings relevant to their industry and interest. The network allows connection building with service-specific professionals.

The users can manage their feeds by getting in touch with new connections in order to follow them. The app also allows users to join in any conversation to put their specific comments on an ongoing topic.

LinkedIn Pulse is an active network that updates users on every industry-related news happening globally. And the best element about the app is it is available to use free of cost.

3. Evernote

Evernote is a note-taking application, and that makes it a unique offering for CEOs. Keeping notes and updates about an upcoming event is an essential job for a CEO, and this makes Evernote a must-have app for these professionals.

A free login gets users inside the app and offers them a complete suite of tools to manage, update, write, and keep mandatory updates organized in an application.

Evernote allows users to clip web articles, capture images of notes, and keep all the details over a digital tool that can be used anywhere anytime. The business app also allows users to search different notes and images with specific keywords.

4. Asana

Talk about the best team management tool and Asana will do the needful for you. The app leverages collaboration between colleagues irrespective of their location. So, if you are to attend an important business meeting, Asana can help you to connect with others.

Use Asana to create the to-do list that you can further assign to your team members. The app offers a complete range of excellent tools that help the users manage and update information on any project and track the status as well.

The app interface may seem cluttered initially, but it allows the room to manage many tasks simultaneously.

5. Doodle

Doodle is the modern-day calendar for business professionals. Doodle easily synchronizes with Google calendar allowing the space for users to mark their important dates, events, or any upcoming meeting. The app is a modern-day version of the physical calendar that we used to mark important dates.

The app has different dashboards to help users manage the status of their pools. There is a separate column to subscribe for notifications. This keeps the users informed about a specific topic or event.

Doodle is available for use free of cost for Android and iPhone users. The app is a great discovery to manage your calendar with a few taps.

6. Google Drive

A number of mobile app development companies rely on Google Drive and why they shouldn’t. The app acts as a complete business management solution and helps enterprises to keep documents safe within the drive. The docs are easy to share with anyone having Google accounts.

Within a short time frame, Google Drive has gained an edge over apps having similar facilities. It is free to use and works efficiently, which adds additional perks to this business-centric application.

The default storage for Google Drive files is the system’s hard drive; however, every file saved within the network gets replicated in the cloud. This allows easy file access from anywhere anytime.

7. Salesforce Mobile

This is an offering to all the CEOs who are actively looking after an efficient CRM for their businesses. The software helps keep the sales efforts profitable for the business. Be it the desktop version of the application or the mobile version, the UX seems impressive for the users.

From sales and marketing to customer service, the impressive CRM does it all for the business owners by managing everything for the business owners. The software is easily available, works effectively, and offers a bouquet of tools to users.

The software also helps business leaders manage their relationships with clients with impressive offerings.

The bottom line

Managing a mobile app development company is an arduous task. And the concerned person or the CEO needs to manage a number of jobs at once. This comes as a more significant responsibility, and thus it becomes mandatory to bring justice to the role. While hiring the resources can help business professionals, but it is always an added investment to the business.

Thus, in order to manage all the business-related tasks effectively, the above-listed business apps can do a wonderful job. Choose any of the following apps depending upon the particular requirement of your business. All the apps are sure to help in your endeavor of managing business-related tasks.

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