Features in VoIP that Could Boost Your Business Productivity

VOIP and Social Networking

With the introduction of VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol, the very concept of communication has seen a sea change, from the traditional format. Thanks, to this new revolutionary technology, businesses, as well as individual customers, are able to communicate with the entire world on a shoestring budget, with virtually no hiccups or technological glitches, which were the order of the day, when it came to telecommunication, especially in case of long-distance telecommunication, before the advent of this new technology.

VoIP task performance
VoIP task performance

Now, people and businesses can get in touch with anyone, anywhere in the world, irrespective of location or time of day or night in a jiffy, and this does not drill any hole in the pocket anymore like what it used to be earlier.

In short, this new technology has given a tremendous shot in the arm to businesses in terms of productivity, and hosted VoIP providers have made the lives of the professionals easier and have made them more efficient, bringing in a holistic transformation in the professional scenario.

Let us discuss the four features of VoIP that have revolutionized the concept of business in recent times.

Easier Access to Phones even when on move

One of the most significant privileges that VoIP technology has brought in is that it has made access to the office phone or any other connection anywhere in the world much possible and easier, even when someone is on move.

For example, the users can use a mobile application or a soft-phone that is hooked up with a laptop, for checking voice mails, sending and receiving calls without any problem whatsoever.

Even if someone is visiting a regional or an international office, which is connected to the VoIP set up of the company, it is possible to get access to any other branch of that company from that office, over a mere headset without any problem.

This flexible remote access has become extremely handy for traveling professionals, though it efficacy of this technology can be felt only when there is a significant mobile workforce or a significant number of employees who are working from offshore centers.

The BPOs and call centers, which have branches in various countries scattered all over the world have benefited the most from this technology. In fact, it is this technology that has made the concept of BPO feasible.

Efficient Handling of calls

VoIP technology also allows the handling of calls from any desktop or a laptop, thus bringing in a significant reduction of interruptions and call drops, and other distractions that are caused by various internal and external reasons.

There is no probability of interruptions that are caused by alternating from a laptop or a desktop to a telephone handset and the other way round while communicating with colleagues or clients.

It is also possible to set up screen calls by using a caller ID so that there is no chance of any call drops. It is also possible to customize the VoIP system to meet the unique business needs that may vary from one business to another.

Visual Voicemail

Another new feature that VoIP has brought in is Visual Voicemail. Though there are other platforms like iOS and Android that help us remain connected 24×7, it is the voicemail that is the best time-saver, especially when it comes to making up the missed VoIP calls.

Even if a VoIP call is somehow missed, there is the option to take the help of the voicemail that appears in the mailbox and knowing the source of the call, so that it is possible to make a callback.

Easier Administration

Thanks to VoIP technology, the handling of regular administrative works has become much easier and cost-effective, as it has eliminated the need of hiring expensive consultants that usually were extremely expensive.

Taking the help of the VoIP, it is possible to keep control over the entire administration and every department even from an offshore business unit, and that is what makes the difference from the financial and administrative point of view.

So these features of VoIP and many others help in significant augmentation of productivity with hardly any investment and that is where the technology makes the difference in the business world.

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