Five Things Marketers Should Do To Get The Best Out Of Mobile

Mobile Marketing Strategies

Mobile is important and today it’s the fastest-growing market in the world. Many popular publications, services, companies, etc. have their presence on mobile in the form of a responsive website or a mobile app.

But it’s 2015, and companies can no longer afford to just have a good responsive website as digital marketing has become more important than ever. And marketers should keep an eye on expanding their mobile marketing options as it is the easiest and most personal possible way to get your message passed on to your desired target audience.

Here’s a list of five things that should be kept in mind for mobile:

1. Add the “Share on WhatsApp” Button

WhatsApp is one of the most used Instant Messenger in the world. It has around 700 million active users and that number keeps on increasing. Adding a WhatsApp share button will prompt people to directly share that page with their friends. Even though Android has a feature for a user to share a page they may not remember to do so.

Also, sharing on WhatsApp hasn’t come out on iOS yet and it is a pain to copy and paste the link every single time you want to share something. But if they see the button they may do so. Also, if you are adding buttons for other social networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc. then it is better if that button redirects people to the mobile app rather than the webpage where they have to log in again.

2. Use Customer Feedback Services

Haptik is a service where users can chat with the customer service executives of a particular brand. If a customer is unhappy with any service, then this app makes it very easy to directly lodge a complaint. Often we see lots of people tweeting their grievances on Twitter. So probably next time you can try Haptik when trying to get in touch with the company.

For example, Vodafone India is available on Haptik. Now you need not call their customer care helpline number or tweet to them but just message them on Haptik. On the other hand, you can also enable Olark which is a chat-based service on your site itself. If no executive is available to chat then a person can leave a message on Olark and it can be replied to later.

3. Leverage Social Networks

A lot of companies have used social media in different ways to promote their business. For example, Fassos, a fast-food chain lets people place orders on Twitter. This is very convenient. Also, recently Kotak started #banking where its customers could make transactions by simply tweeting.

Amazon too also allows its users to tweet products they like with a hashtag and it gets added to their wishlist. When it comes to Facebook some brands just create a Facebook store rather than a website.

4. Tie up and Make your brand more accessible

This is mainly for restaurants, shops, etc. Tying up with a service like Grofers will help you in getting your products delivered to your customers without bothering about hiring delivery boys yourself.

Also, if your shop/restaurant doesn’t have many branches and you don’t want to make an app for people to order then Tiny Owl can be useful. These services let people place orders from their favorite places through their app. And it’s good news that Zomato, which is a very popular app when it comes to restaurants, is also getting into this business.

5. Image Optimization

Very often when we open sites on a mobile, the page takes too much time to load. Often this is due to the size of the images. A desktop user has plenty of resources to load heavy web pages, but a mobile user with a 3G / EDGE connection would struggle with heavy web pages.

An easy way of fixing this is to optimize your images for mobile viewing. It is advisable to keep most images on your site below 50kb in size. TinyPNG is a recommended website for compressing your images without quality loss.

Contributor Bio: Criselle Lobo is an Associate Editor at who spends most of her time writing on tech and the rest watching movies.

Image Source: Tablet computer, smartphone, and other business objects on wooden table outdoors

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