Five Things to Look for in a Travel App Before You Go on Vacation

Travel Apps

There’s a lot to get excited about when you’re planning a vacation! However, if you want your trip to be successful, there’s plenty of planning you need to do before you hop in the car or on the plane.

You should make a list so you know exactly what to pack, you have to find someone to look after your pets and plants while you’re gone, and you have to make sure everything is locked when you’re ready to leave.

There’s another thing you should add to your list – downloading the right travel apps!

Creating a mobile app is easier than ever, which means a lot of companies are making them. That’s good news for you! It means there are a lot of great apps out there. You just have to find the right ones.

What should you look for in a travel app? Here are five things to look for before you start that download.

Here are five things to look for before you start that download.

Things to Do

It’s fun to spend a lot of time planning what you’re going to do when you get there before you leave, but that doesn’t mean you should crowd your schedule. It’s actually much better to leave a little downtime in your itinerary so you can check out area attractions on a whim.

Downloading an app before you leave can make this easier and more fun. Some apps will schedule your itinerary for you, while others will make suggestions. The best apps allow you to search for and plan trips to tourist attractions and landmarks, enabling you to plan the perfect itinerary.

Currency Converter

Spending money abroad is stressful! Figuring out how to get the money you need is a lot more difficult than you might think, especially if you don’t want to spend a fortune converting your money.

An app that enables you to learn the currency exchange rates where you’re staying can make things easier.

Keep an eye on the exchange rates before you leave so you can get a feel for good rates and bad rates. Then, when there’s a good rate, make your exchange.

This method also enables you to make an informed choice while you’re away from home. If you need to exchange cash, but the rate isn’t good, you may want to consider taking out less money.

Language Translator

There are some surprisingly effective ways to communicate with someone when you don’t speak the same language. A few tips include:

  • Using short, simple phrases
  • Act out what you’re trying to say
  • Try writing it down or drawing a picture
  • Don’t yell or shout

However, both you and the person you’re talking to will likely end up feeling frustrated. Instead, leave home with a travel app that has translation capabilities! That way you can ensure you’re understood no matter where you go.

Bathroom Locator

There are some common phrases that are helpful to know, no matter what the language. Knowing how to ask for the location of the bathroom is one of them!

Unfortunately, it may not go as planned. Without a lot of practice speaking the language, you may end up pronouncing something incorrectly. Not to mention, it requires finding someone to ask! Or what if you’re on the road, looking for the nearest place to stop?

Avoid all the confusion and ensure you can always find a bathroom when you need one with the right app. They can help you find a toilet, no matter where you go.


Geolocation is changing the world. It can make everyday life easier, it enables companies to market to you effectively, but it is especially helpful if you’re going on vacation.

Geo-tracking will enable you to use GPS to get to your destination, but some apps use this technology to help you in other ways. By knowing your exact location, a geo-tracking app can highlight points of interest near where you are currently standing. You can find a nearby restaurant, popular attractions, and more. It can even help you find your hotel if you’re lost!

This kind of app is a great one to download before you leave if you plan on spending a lot of time on foot. It can help you explore the city without missing out on anything exciting that could be just around the corner.

Make sure you book your tickets and pack your bags before you leave on your trip, but you should also make sure you look for apps with these features. They will make your trip so much better!

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