How Important Is Following Up To Boost Your Sales?

Follow up to boost sales!

Business, by definition, is a transaction that involves the sale and purchase of goods and services between two or more parties. This also means there is no business if there is no sale. And techniques to boost sales have been around for as long as the institution of commerce itself.

Over the centuries, the quantity and cost of goods sold have been increased through various ingenious ways. At times, the demand for a certain product was raised by portraying it as luxurious or of immense necessity, and on other occasions, the supply of essential commodities was restricted. However, these were older times, with a limited number of service providers.

In today’s modern and rapidly digitalizing era, one cannot hope to succeed with these tactics alone. Some of the frequently used trade strategies include aggressive marketing, promotional campaigns, and discounts and offers. Meanwhile, one of the simplest ways that go underutilized is the means of booming sales by following up on existing and potential clientele.

According to a study compiled and published by Invesp, about 48% of sellers do not make a single attempt to follow up with a client, whereas about 80% of people take up to five calls before deciding to invest in product service. Going by this comparison alone, one can easily conclude that many markets can go uncaptured if proper care is not given to provide the best services to the customer.

Importance Of A Follow-Up

The Follow-Up approach is in no way new to the businessmen and salespeople. Many have even used it to some extent, but often give up before the deal could be closed.

Although we realize you know exactly what “following up on a customer” means and entails, we would like to clarify in brief for those new to the field.

To Follow-Up means to keep in constant touch with an existing or a potential customer who has shown interest in your enterprise’s goods or services. This can help you drive sales significantly higher. How?

Builds Trust And Rapport

When you attempt to form a courteous relationship with a consumer, the focus is on selling your products and forming a personal relationship with them. This aids you by building a trustworthy connection and an easygoing rapport with the other party.

Once you are on the same wavelength, they find it easier to share the problems they’re facing with your business’s services. They are also more trusting of your opinion by this point and would be relatively easier to convince to use a certain product.

In cases where you are dealing with a prospective customer, the bond of trust you form also helps reinforce their decision to buy into your services.

Addresses Potential Problems Beforehand

After the initial sales pitch, it has been frequently observed that the consumer has queries or problems that they perceive your product would not be able to solve. But they tend not to come up in that first call or meeting.

To ensure that your expected sale doesn’t turn sour, it is of utmost importance that you follow up with them at regular intervals. This enables them to discuss said points of contention with you before actually making the purchase.

It also gives you a chance to understand their requirement better and take steps to make certain that the issues they are worried about do not occur. When they are satisfied with what you’re providing is when they’ll go ahead with the order.

Allows Regular Feedback

Encouraging an appropriately timed response after one’s experience with your services is a great way of ascertaining the quality of said experience. If they liked your services, you could thank them for utilizing them while nudging them towards a repeat. However, if they had some concerns, you can thank them for bringing them to your notice while promising to look into it.

A bonus step that you can follow is to call them back after sharing their feedback with the proper authorities and let them know that it is being taken care of and you would love to have them as a long-term customer. This builds the buyer’s faith in you and the business and makes them feel cared for.

People tend to become loyal clients of enterprises where they feel their interests are genuinely being looked after.

Provides Easy Access

Remember what key points you thought about when buying your latest gadget or automobile? We are sure one of them was the ease with which you can reach the particular brands’ customer care teams.

That is what your clientele is looking for too. Please make sure you are in constant touch with them and provide them with ways to reach you when they need any assistance. This helps them nurture the trust you are trying so hard to win.

This also relieves them of the uncertainty that they might be investing in the wrong place, as your accessibility also defines your responsibility towards them. Knowing that you are ready to take this responsibility willingly reinforces your consumer’s decision-making in favor of your goods.

Helps Gather Referrals

One thing is for certain – only a satisfied and happy client will give someone a referral for your company. And when one does, people tend to trust those references more than the company they found on the internet.

Thus a straightforward means and the cheapest ways of marketing are making sure your clients are happy with your services. Good customer support is paramount to this contentment. Regular follow-ups to let them know about your latest products and offer or just to check in with them on their experience with the services they are currently using serve as prime examples of good customer service.

Ensures A Good Brand Recall Value

One of the biggest achievements of regularly following up is that you make your business memorable for your consumer. While they may have enjoyed using your goods, your routine calls, emails, and messages make it certain that the next time they need anything similar to what your business provides, they remember you instantaneously.

Making your business synonymous with their requirement is a great way to boost sales for your business.

Wrapping Up

Following Up with a customer is simple, yet one of the cheapest ways you can employ to increase sales activity for your products and services.

So what are you waiting for?

Get on it right away and see your revenues soar!

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