Free Apps On Your iPhone To Keep Updated With Breaking News

Free iPhone News Apps

Have you ever gone confused at least once with a lot of news information crowding on your iPhone? It is obvious that you need to refer some news bodies to get updated on breaking news on the move. Fortunately for all iPhone users, here we introduce few free apps to make yourself updated with the latest hot news on technology, global affairs, politics, etc even when you are far away from the television controls.


Take away the one-touch app on the latest news updates wherever you go! It gets you the breaking ABC news whenever you want by configuring the advanced features of the iPhone thereby bringing on your touch screen brief video news, local news, pictures, news clips, etc taking you into the world happenings.


Enjoy the fastest streaming of news updates on your iPhone with the NYTimes news app. It enables the reader to enjoy relaxed reading as well as glancing at the pictures even in offline mode after syncing the news. You could also tweet or share a favorite news piece on your social networks.


The newsdesk brings a worldwide news collection on your screen from top news outlets. It gives a genuine peek into the main story than wandering along with chunks of news links. Don’t you feel this app lets you grab the main news?


An iPhone user would definitely love getting updates on the latest events in the Apple world. HotMacNews lets you keep in touch with the latest occurrences relating to Apple. Considering the need and love for this app, the latest version HotMacNews2 is now available on the app store for free!!


Free iPhone News Applications
Free iPhone News Applications

An important app that keeps you stays updated with weather news every 5 minutes. For those who eagerly wait to get day-to-day information on weather changes, this app would be the best company wherever you go! It refreshes every 5 minutes making the users fall for the app than any other trending on the store. Users reviewed that this app tells you what to wear and where to travel checking on the weather conditions.


A pure social media guide that takes you through the happenings around the business world, tech corner, web marketing, and social media news. Keep going with worldwide technology updates with the Mashable app.


News app from National Public Radio to get on the spot access with hourly radio news along with radio shows. This app would let you doubtlessly enjoy tuning to your preferred radio station on your travel! You can quickly stream both live or archived content as well as share via social networks.

Do share your experience if you got any of these on your iPhone! Get engaged with the latest breaking news on your iPhone with these free friendly apps.

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