Future of Mobile Apps in 2016

iOS Application Development Trends

As the number of people having cell phones continues to grow, so does the usage of smartphones is also growing. Out of 91% of the US adult, 61% are smartphone users. According to the trends 1 billion smartphones are expected to be sold in the coming year.

With over 10 billion mobile devices expected to be in use by 2016, the mobile application industry will grow immensely to match demand and be aware of the ever-evolving technologies.

Let’s have a look at major trends of the mobile app market:

Rapid Mobile APP Development:

All we have to do is to scale back the period of the event lifecycles and reducing the time gap that lies between thought and launch. You’ll expect to look at advanced speedy app development tools moreover as frameworks within the market. In fact, several corporations square measure trying forward to introducing solutions that may cater to the consumer’s demand for launching their app quicker than anyone.

Mobile development was originated with the terrible plan of delivering consistent worth to the purchasers at each step whereas developing their app utilizing the key elements together with speedy launches and fast reach to the market.

Better User Experience:

As the advanced mobile phone has made our life simpler and we are totally reliant on our smartphones whether it is about shopping, saving money, paying our bills, ordering our favorite food, hiring a cab, being socially connected, or any other routine activity. An APP having a better client experience turns out to be well known among clients.

Internet of things:

The Internet of things is likewise increasing tremendous prominence. Despite the fact that it just began gaining people’s eyes, this buildup is relied upon to become enormous with new advancements and it has great scope.

Some key IoT patterns that will be on the post are new gadgets, improvement of new sensors support and M2M automation, vertical IoT administrations, and a lot of points identified with security and protection concerns.

These patterns obviously show a blast around the Internet of Things, which will prompt an expanded reception of related items and a development of the required system.

Smart wearable devices:

Smart wearable devices are the latest buzz in the mobile market. Wearable devices have unlimited scope and the applications that can be operated over a mobile device, as well as wearable devices, are playing a vital role not only in health Apps but also emerging in other areas.


M-Commerce world has seen a quickly spreading fire rise in the number of compelling associations getting markets. Transferring money or shopping using a mobile phone is becoming as common as using credit or debit cards. E-Wallets are the most popular ones these days.

Analytical Marketing:

Data analytics can play a significant role in selling and analysis of trends. Trendy businesses demand fast insight into real-time information that shows their customer’s behavior and decision-making method. In fact, the connection between massive information and app analytics leads to economical business processes on the one hand and enhancements in user expertise.

Great user expertise is created by perpetually analyzing user behavior and up the app consequently. With the provision of location primarily based on Wi-Fi services and beacon technology, there’s even a full new dimension of advertising the lets marketers initiate promotions supported by the precise location and context of a user.

Higher Security:

There have been a few reports indicating worries of clients with respect to hacking and according to the forecast of Gartner, 75% of portable applications would not have the capacity to pass even essential security tests.

Programmers will tend to proceed with the pattern of abusing known security crevices in portable applications for acquiring delicate and secret data. Security is the biggest milestone in versatile applications. Security threats are increasing day by day and security from these threats is becoming critical day by day.

Cloud-Based Storage:

2016 will be a cloud-based digital technology market. Booming cloud-primarily based technology is predicted to play a major role within the phone app development field. Multiple devices synchronized applications can be easily developed now.

The cloud approach can facilitate developers in a very approach that they’ll build outstanding phone apps that may be simply used on totally different mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, etc.).

According to the latest analysis by 2017 over 268 billion downloads and $77 billion will be made by the Mobile App market. The top 5 most popular Mobile Apps are Search Portals and Social, Entertainment, Communication, Productivity and utility, E-commerce, and shopping.

If you’re wanting to undertake your hands on these trends, it’s time to brace yourself to form outstanding mobile experiences for your users. And after all, be ready for all the innovations & changes 2016 is probably going to bring beside it.

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