Beacon Technology: A New Tech-Friend Of Retailers!

Beacon technology for retailers

Beacon technology needs no introduction, it is there for a while now. What you might be wondering is, how the technology is fruitful for retailers? We have your answers!

Ever since the launch of Beacon technology by Apple in 2013, it has been creating a buzz in the market. It’s not only this hype, but stats revealed that Beacon technology can help retailers to increase profits by 9%.

Many top retailers have already incorporated the technology to scale business and attract more customers. Not just that, more than 71% of the customers have admitted that beacon has enhanced their shopping experience. The figures say that all, isn’t it?

What is Beacon Technology Marketing?

The Beacon technology helps in transmitting information to nearby devices. It’s a great way to reach audiences using targeted messages. This information includes – discount offers, giveaways, and promotions.

It not only helps in passing the brand’s messages but also gives a view of customer behavior. The technology has turned out to be revolutionary in enhancing the user’s in-store experiences and in return benefitting retailers.

Wondering how the technology is helping the retailer-customer relationship? Let’s take an example. You went to a store to buy a handbag and you are really in love with that! But, it’s out there at a retail price. Suddenly, you receive a message on the phone about a 30% discount on the purchase.

Here you go! We all get attracted by discounts, yes, we do! Beacon technology has really helped the retailers to understand the customer needs and provide them with seamless services.

Top Retail Stores Using Beacon Technology


Well, there is no denying the fact, Amazon has always been investing heavily in technologies to enhance the shopping experiences. They modeled the first Amazon Go store in the US in 2018, a brick-mortar shopping store. The store is powered by technology and innovation. All you need to do is enter the store using a mobile app, pick your products, and you are done! This is what we call futuristic technology!


Walmart is a popular shopping destination. The company, in partnership with General Electronics, launched an iBeacon technology test. Walmart uses GE light bulbs with beacon technology to send discounts and alerts to in-store customers. Not just that, the technology also helps in evaluating the customers in the stores.

Let’s move further to see how retailers are using technology to acquire more customers.

Groundbreaking Ways Retailers Are Using Beacon Technology

Help Customers navigating The Way Around The Store

Big departmental stores have all our hearts! There is so much in big stores that we are often left puzzled. Imagine, walking through the store for hours, but still can’t find the section you were looking for. It’s frustrating, isn’t it?

You may end up leaving the store without buying anything! Fortunately, the Beacon technology can help you in sorting all the shopping chaos.

With the help of Beacon technology, you can help in enhancing the in-store mapping experience. This allows the customers to quickly access what they are looking for and provides them a hassle-free shopping experience.

For example – you can target the users using GPS and help them with their shopping lists. As they change the location, you can help them find their desired items using the technology.

Keep A Track Of Customers In-Store Movement

Are you struggling hard to get higher conversion rates? Beacon technology can help! You can track your customer’s movement and help them deliver targeted information. For example – when the person is passing from a shoe section, then offering them discounts on the shoe will be beneficial.

They are more likely to buy shoes when they get discounts at the right time. Instant discounts can trigger the buying actions of customers.

Alert the In-Store Customers With Exciting

The users are less likely to buy products if they receive discount messages while sitting at home. Using Beacon technology at retail stores, you can offer discounts and special offers at the store and urge them to buy the products.

You can even target the passerby users crossing your retail stores. There is nothing wrong with saying that Beacon technology in the retail market is the new form of advertisement which is sure to provide a number of benefits.

In-Store Events

Oh Yes! In-store events are another way to hit your target audiences. For example – you can organize make-up tutorials at the store and guide the customers about the product and its usage. You can use Beacon technology to target in-store customers with catchy messages to attend the event.

You can organize any in-store event to display the products or offer ongoing discounts/offers. Interested people will immediately drop by to know more. Customers are more likely to stop by the event at the store, rather than coming after reading about it at home. It is what it is!

Loyalty Programs

According to some research, it has been observed that customers are likely to search for the product while at the store to know more. Know your audience! If your store has more for the younger demographics, then Beacon technology is a gold investment.

You can target the users by encouraging them to install your app and get a loyalty points scheme. This will urge them to sign up and engage with your services. Also, you can engage them to take a selfie at the store and use your brand hashtag to get rewards.

Not just that, you can also boost them by signing up in the store using social media platforms. This will enhance the user experience and is definitely a win-win strategy for the business.

Wrapping Up!

If you still haven’t considered the Beacon technology for your retail business, then it’s time you think about it! Beacon has the potential to revolutionize the traditional shopping styles of customers and provide them with an effortless platform to shop.

The personalization element has helped the retailers to gain better customer insights and provide seamless services. We have to admit that this single piece of technology can roll retailers into countless benefits.

Smart technology for smart businesses.

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