10 Trends that Will Rule the Augmented Reality Market in 2020

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It seems like yesterday when we were hoping to have Iron Man’s suit that gives ample real-time information to Tony Stark or were running behind the Pokemon.

With time, we have become so involved with augmented reality that today, there’s hardly anyone who is not familiar with what exactly the technology is about.

In the present scenario, we all are not solely acquainted with the role of AR in the business world but are also introducing technology into our processes.

We are exploring its potential in different segments and preparing for a market that will be worth USD 766 Bn by 2025. And one thing that is bringing us closer to this near future is the set of trends changing with the passing of time.

Taking the same thought forward, if you are wondering what Augmented Reality trends will go mainstream in 2020, scroll down.

The scope of AR will go beyond the gaming and entertainment industry

Augmented reality, which has gained huge momentum in the gaming and entertainment sector, will enter and make a significant difference in other business verticals. The technology will be considered heavily to bring a revolutionary change in real estate, travel and tourism, retail, manufacturing, military, and other sectors.

Meaning, companies belonging to different verticals will look ahead to consult an augmented reality app development company to forecast future possibilities.

AR will be the new way of shopping

AR has been used for shopping. However, its exposure to the retail market will reach the next level in 2020. Retailers will bring their teams on board to discuss and evaluate different ways to embrace AR in their traditional processes and get a bigger slice of the market predicted to be $11.4B by the year 2025.

AI will influence the AR market

Artificial intelligence, the technology known for making machines capable of mimicking human thinking, will come forth to boost AR usage. The technology will gather and analyze heaps of data to help AR elements understand the emotions of users and deliver personalized solutions.

Augmented reality will gear up autonomous vehicles

In 2020, technology will also be used to make self-driving cars work more efficiently and effectively. Entrepreneurs and marketers will search for better ways to use AR elements to assist and interact with people while they travel to different places via self-driving cars.

The technology will enhance remote assistance and collaboration

AR technology will also improve the process of remote assistance and collaboration. It will enable experts to help technicians in mitigating the prevailing challenges and barriers by having a closer look at the real-time on-site scenario, adding comments to the shared screen, and so on.

5G will enter the AR industry

5G technology, which is found to increase network efficiency by 100x and reduce latency by 10x, is also expected to bring a transformative difference in the AR space. The technology will speed up the process of information sharing, and make it possible for AR-powered mobility solutions and other devices to provide an informative experience to customers in real-time.

Augmented reality will be used for indoor navigation

While various technologies like GPS and Beacon are helping to guide consumers to come closer to the stores, there was no such technology available for an indoor experience. This is where AR will come into the limelight.

The technology will add virtual elements like directions inside the store that will let the users know which side to turn to get any particular product or reach any counter. Besides, the AR-based mobile application will show detailed information about the products in an interactive way to the users, resulting in less confusion and a better experience.

What started for fun will become a core element of every business this year. Every established company, be it from retail, travel, or the education industry, will look ahead to create 3D AR avatars that interact with users and assist them just like human resources do. But, more interactive data and processes result in higher conversions.

AR view displays we go wider

The AR headsets in use these days have displays that are smaller in size. But from now onwards, a set of headsets will be designed with wider AR view displays. This will give users an escape from blurred content as well as the strain caused on their eyes.

The emergence of Web AR

Last but not least, augmented reality will expand its horizon in the year 2020. The technology will enter the web platform, making it possible for one to access AR via browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox too. They will no longer have to download and install any mobile application to receive a higher customer experience.

Now, as you know, the technologies and trends that will change the history of the AR niche market do not remain sitting on the fences. Consult with the AR experts and introduce the power of AR in your business to relish its benefits.

Summary: This article will end up the suspense and bring to you the predicted augmented reality trends that will remain in the limelight this year. So, stay tuned.

Augmented Reality Trends 2020
Augmented Reality Trends 2020.

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