Gadgets and Tech Etiquettes

Be thoughtful; be well mannered with your gadgets.

Can’t live with them, can’t live without them. That’s exactly our situation with the many gadgets we carry around with us. More than one phone, tablet, laptop, music player, and camera, you name it. It is hence very crucial to be acquainted with some basic etiquette.

Your gadgets don’t make you sophisticated; no matter how expensive or new they are, it’s how you use them that shows how classy you truly are. So let’s take a look at a few that are the most important.

Phones in meetings

Doctors’ appointments, office meetings, date night with your partner, movie, one-on-one time with your child, situations along those lines call for a “switched off” phone. There’s no excuse.

If you expect an important call, inform the other person/persons involved that you may have to take it so that they’re not distracted. Leave to speak on the phone, don’t stay there is yell. Cover your phone with your hand for privacy and reduce disturbance if getting out of the place is impossible.

Click and movie

It’s important to acquaint yourself with the rules of the place you’re visiting, some malls or official buildings, hospitals, etc., don’t allow photography or videos. Not knowing is just a sign of ignorance. It’s important to maintain privacy while taking pictures too, keep in mind that others present in the public space may not want to be in the selfie you’re taking, even if it’s in the background.

Taking pictures without permission, even worse posting them on social media without permission is just wrong. Flashing away instead of being in the moment can be extremely annoying to your company; not everyone likes taking 10 pics an hour. Make sure no one is offended by your videos and photos.

Flaunting the new gizmo

One of the signs of an educated person is his awareness of the people around him/her. You will always have an idea of people’s financial state; flaunting or even appearing as though you’re flaunting your new super expensive shiny phone is going to hurt feelings.

It’s totally inappropriate, the purpose of all our gadgets is to do what they’re supposed to, and no matter how hard you worked to get your new DSLR, it’s important to be humble about it. No one likes a materialistic, gizmo-obsessed soul. Be aware of who’s with; your other gadget junkies would be excited, but not your regular old family members.

Browsing others’ phones

When it’s new and you want to get a hands-on feel of it, make sure you don’t go into inboxes, social media, or photo albums. If someone has opened a picture for you to view, don’t swipe by unless asked to, the other images may not be meant for your eyes.

Be careful; it’s their private phone; don’t receive any call just because the phone’s in your hand. Reading SMS threads, checking out WhatsApp contacts, or Facebook messages is not right.

Texting away

You have to admit, a lot more can be accomplished by a 2-minute call than 15minute to and fro texting. Excuse yourself and make a call and get over it, instead of spending the whole meeting, lunch/dinner, or presentation texting away. When people are present to be with you, respect their time and be present yourself.

The Buzz: Annoying tech etiquette

Rules are to follow, and etiquettes are what separate us from animals. Be mindful that we are trying to communicate better with human beings at the end of the day. It’s important to pay respect to them when you’re in their presence. An educated approach toward the usage of electronics is the only justified reason for using them.

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