Best Social Media Marketing Tools for your Business

Social media has caused a revolution in the marketing world. Marketing has always been about communication, but communication relies as much on its format as its content. All social media platforms or social media marketing tools are unique, but a successful strategy often looks similar across most platforms.

One component of that strategy is sharing content, which comprises both of your own content to drive traffic to your website and other great content in your niche that’s interesting to followers. In order to be successful, you must have a consistent sharing strategy.

The following Social Media Marketing Tools will help you do that.

1. HootSuite

It is the most popular social media management tool for individuals and organizations to carry out campaigns over multiple social networks (e.g Facebook or Twitter) in collaboration using HootSuite platform. With its unique feature to offer free professional and business solutions for managing multiple profiles, message scheduling, analytics etc; Hootsuite has turned into an essential tool to keep a check on conversations via desktop web or cell phones.

2. Buffer

Buffer is great for scheduling, publishing and analyzing your content with ease. The idea behind Buffer is to create a posting schedule for each of your social media accounts, all in one place. You can connect your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest accounts, and your Google+ pages. Then, you can add posts to your “queue” inside Buffer. Based on your settings, Buffer will automatically share posts from your queue to the social accounts you’ve chosen. Buffer also provides analytics about the engagement and reach of your posts.

3. Sprout Social

Sprout Social functions as an all-in-one social media marketing tool to help content managers control their efforts effectively for multiple accounts including Twitter and Facebook. It shares some features with Buffer, but its focus lies in customer relationship management through social media platforms, enabling individuals to quickly manage and respond to engagements to keep customers happy.

4. Edgar

Edgar excels at recycling your best content automatically. One issue with many social sharing scheduling tools is that it’s very difficult to reuse old content. Edgar is the best solution to this problem. The tool that allows you to schedule your social media shares. Unlike reposting content on a blog, reposting content on social media is actually a good thing. Followers who missed it the first time can see it the second or third time you post it. Currently, it works with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


IFTTT stands for: IF This, Then That. While this tool has gained some popularity, the reason it has not been adopted by more marketers and SEOs is because there’s a bit of a learning curve. IFTTT is fantastic for social media marketers because the tool can post, read, and do all sorts of things with almost all major social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Tumblr.

6. SocialOomph

SocialOomph is a neat web tool that provides a host of free and paid productivity enhancements for social media. It includes functions for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Plurk and your blog. There are a ton of useful Twitter features like scheduling tweets, tracking keyword, viewing mentions and retweets, DM inbox cleanup, auto-follow and auto-DM features for new followers. Social Oomph will auto-follow any new follower of yours on Twitter if you like.

7. AgoraPulse

Focussing on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at present, AgoraPulse covers everything that is required for social media managing, monitoring as well as marketing. Small businesses with stringent budgets are greatly benefitted as AgoraPulse proves to be an ideal platform for their social media marketing needs.

8. Tweetdeck

Tweetdeck, now owned by Twitter, is a web and desktop solution tool that monitors and manages your Twitter feeds with amazing filters that helps you focus on what’s important. Using Tweetdeck you can schedule tweets and remain fully informed with notification updates of the latest tweets. Currently, it is available for Chrome, Windows and Mac desktops; and their mobile apps have been closed down recently to shift the focus back on the web and desktop platforms.

9. Social Flow

Social Flow is the most used tool by major publishers including National Geographic, The Washington Post, Mashable, The Economist and many others for its extraordinary feature to observe and note down the conversation on social media that can help you predict the best times to publish content. This will assist in capturing the largest audience. To engage a bigger audience and generate greater revenues Social Flow also offers a full suite of services.

10. SocialBro

SocialBro assists businesses to understand the concept of targeting and engaging the audience on Twitter. SocialBro generates reports for businesses by analyzing the timelines of their followers to help them understand the best time to tweet to reach the maximum amount of retweets and responses.

Finding the right Social Media Marketing tool that’s intuitive, fun, and easy-to-use will help us save time on unnecessary tasks, so we can spend more time creating amazing content! Which is your favorite social media management tool?

Published by Fabiha Siddiqui

A freelance writer, an Entrepreneur, Fashion & Model mentor, Events & Multimedia Specialist- that defines me as a whole. Apart from writing / blogging as my passion, I hold a decade of experience in fashion & event industry. I also love playing around with all the graphic softwares, Photoshop & 3d max being my most favourite. Work is like a drug that keeps me going and I dearly enjoy my little contributions to my dedicated arenas.

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