Why You Should Get Your Contracting License (And How to Get It)

Get Licensed & Start Your Business

For a lot of people, a college degree is not the best life choice. Luckily, there are a lot of other options for those who like to work with their hands but do not necessarily want to be pinching pennies for their whole lives.

Just one of these options is to get your contractor’s license for either plumbing, electrical, construction, or heating work, which will allow you to be a licensed contractor in your state. Here are some reasons to get certified and a few tips for getting your license from the North Carolina Licensing Board.

Why Get Your License?

Besides it being illegal to practice without a license in many states, having your license, especially a physical copy that you can show your customers when they ask, will allow you to earn more money.

With a license, you can take on bigger jobs and expand your business without worrying about breaking laws or regulations in your state.

You will also become an expert in your trade by becoming licensed in your state. Knowing the rules and ways to go about a job are very helpful in allowing you to become a professional, and that kind of knowledge will allow you to be paid to your fullest potential.

While you do have to work to become licensed, it can be greatly rewarding in both higher paychecks and in a feeling of mastering your trade. You will go from someone who knows the general way to fix a circuit breaker to a professional who is fully equipped to fix any electrical issue and has the knowledge of how much they should be getting paid.

So, if you have decided that a contractor’s license is right for you, now you just need to know how to get one!

How to Get Licensed & Start Your Business

First, you have to meet the initial requirements. The type of business that you own will affect which documents you will need to attach to your application. For most of these, you will just need to prove that you have registered your business.

Next, you will have to submit your application with the application fee. You will have to submit it before the beginning of the month, as this is when the board reviews all of the applications that they receive.

If all your information is correct, you will receive a letter of eligibility that allows you to take the exam.

After you receive your letter, you will have to figure out what kind of license you will need.

  • Limited License: You can work on any project below $500,000 and your working capital must be at least $17,000.
  • Intermediate License: You can work on projects up to $700,000 and must have a working capital of $75,000 minimum.
  • Unlimited License: You can work on any project, but your working capital must be at least $150,000.

Once you have figured out the license that is applicable to you, you can move on to the final step of taking the exam. Once you take and pass the exam, you are a licensed contractor.

This license will vary from state to state, but since we are talking about North Carolina, your license will expire on the first of January every year, meaning that you must always stay up to date with the current laws and regulations of the state.

The Bottom Line

All in all, this license is a worthwhile investment, because it will allow you to work legally and most importantly, you can know all there is to know about your field of work.

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