Go Big or Go Home: Wildly Fun Team-Building Ideas

Team-building Ideas To Consider

Employees worldwide find themselves running from zombies, getting pelted by paintballs, and wrestling with a coworker while dressed in an inflated sumo suit. As the popularity of extreme team building swells, corporate leaders strive to find the unique experience that will have their staff reminiscing for years to come.

Not only is team building fun, but it also instills values and reminds coworkers that cooperation, efficiency, and synergy are necessary when working together in any situation. Implement one of the following unique team-building ideas into your business schedule to improve morale and leverage laughter.

Extreme Office Olympics

Transform your office into an Olympic arena and assign a country to each team. They must dress up as a team, and each member must take part in at least two events.

These games will have the entire office giddy with joy from rolling chair races and trash bin shots to competitive corn hole and rhythmic gymnastics as they attempt to win gold at the elaborate award ceremony. Other game ideas include archery, finger skating, memory slalom, and ID card toss.

Costume Presentations

It doesn’t have to be Halloween to have a dress-up day at the office. People tend to let go of their inhibitions and insecurities when in costume, so challenge your team members to take their creativity up a notch by relating their costumes of choice to a business plan.

Whether they act out their ideas wearing colorful suits, superhero costumes, or business suits with Donald Trump comb-overs, this team-building activity mixes business with pleasure. Even billionaire businessman, Richard Branson, says costuming can be good for business.

Flash Mobs

Corporate team-building firms have countless ideas to help build employee comradery. One of the most wildly popular activities is flash mobbing. “This team-building event is all about surprise, engagement, cohesion, risk-taking, and energy,” explains TeamBonding.

This form of communication and energy helps ignite a spark in your team and help them communicate. Flash mobs get together in a public place and perform a song, dance, or act for seemingly little reason other than to shock the onlookers. After a successful performance, take your team out to celebrate.

Scavenger Hunt

If an offsite adventure is for your team, a scavenger hunt may be the perfect outing because it infuses culture into the mix. Scavenger hunts are fast-paced as teams travel from one historic site to the next, gather items, answer trivia questions, and take team photo challenges.

This activity forces teams to work together and see the bigger picture. Plus, the team that comes out on top is sure to bask in the winner’s glow for years to come.

Picnic in the Park

If you want to go for a more traditional team-bonding activity, organize a company picnic where employees can eat together and play basketball, corn hole, and horseshoes. You also can put together a coed softball or kickball team to get your staff working together. With these activities, your employees can practice and play together during their off-hours and still create a better bond.

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