Google vs Alexa vs Siri – Smart Assistants Compared

Comparing Smart Assistants

The smart assistant is the newest fad in the smartphone industry. They are like a living assistant that resides virtually inside your smartphone. A smartphone assistant is there to assist us in our daily tasks. They can do all the things which can be done virtually.

From things like singing us a song to messaging someone from our contacts. A smart assistant is capable of doing a lot of things. The below infographic is an excellent example of all the things that it can do.

The working of a smartphone assistant is complex but since all of it happens in the backend, there is nothing that the user can see. The processing happens very fast which is why you may have noticed that oftentimes if your net is slow then the assistant takes way too much time to process your query. As far as working is concerned, the process starts from the time when the assistants are alerted. Every assistant gets alert after they are called by a certain name. Amazon Alexa is alerted by saying Hey Alexa, similarly Ok google alerts google assistant.

So the very first thing is to ask something the assistant. Once done, the query is broken down into small pieces which are later sent to the servers. The statement spoken by the user could be anything like a query or a simple assertive statement. Once the query arrives, the algorithm does the necessary checks and if it doesn’t understand then it will ask again ask the user for the query by asking “Did you mean Blank”. Once it gets the answer then the processing starts. In the middle, there are also times when it may asses if there is any further need to go to the server to confirm for any new information. Once everything is done, the response is sent back to the phone which then is uttered by the voice of that assistant.

Form the response that can be seen in the infographic, Google assistant’s replies are the most relevant. Amazon Alexa was good as well. It’s Apple’s Siri that needs to improve.

Comparing Smart Assistants - Infographics
Comparing Smart Assistants – Infographics

Infographic source: – Comparing Smart Assistants

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