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BigBasket.com is the India's largest Online Grocery Retail Store

India is a country of cultural values, where food is given high priority, and grocery shopping is still an impractical venture. Enter BigBasket, the largest online food and grocery store in India.

Simplicity and practicality are the essences of this online service. It is providing the magic of ordering and getting your shopped list delivered to your doorstep.

The service is currently available in four cities; Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, and Bangalore.

Let’s explore the bounties of BigBasket:


The website is user-friendly. All products are divided into convenient categories; this makes product search simple. Products can be selected based on their packaging quantity and the number of items. You can continue shopping without being sent to the final shopping basket, so there is a continuum in your shopping.

There are options for making lists that get saved in your account so that you can easily refer to your old shopping list and re-order. This is great when you have a fixed number of products to be bought periodically. You have to select the time slot most practical for you and proceed to check-out.

The App

BigBasket app, which is available for iOS and Android, takes convenience to another level. You can add items to your basket as and when you realize you’ve run out of something. There’s no stress of forgetting anything when you sit to place the final order.

Product Range – The product range is vast. The website holds over 10,000 products from 1000 brands. Consumers can find everything from fresh fruits and vegetables to grocery staples like daal, rice, and grains to toiletries and cleaning products; basic over-the-counter medicines are also available.

There are also assorted products put together as packages for convenience. Meat and poultry are also available. Their new products included chopped vegetables, peeled, or minced products also.


There are various ways you can make a payment, ranging from credit cards, debit cards, and most amazing, COD. Personally, COD is the best option, as sometimes if a product is unavailable or not delivered, they will deduct it from the total and not charge you for that.

Every customer has a unique pin code that they have to provide to complete the delivery. This makes sure that your order isn’t delivered to another customer. Also, a delivery charge of Rs.50 is on orders less than Rs.1000 in total value.


The BigBasket employees are friendly, and not only do they deliver your shopping list, but they will also unload it wherever you want to, for example, in the kitchen. This is a beautiful feature, as women or elders of the house can’t carry large quantities of goods independently.

This is especially so when the products have to be carried to a different floor. All the vegetables come packed in separate zip lock bags; you can transfer those packets into your refrigerator.


BigBasket doesn’t outsource its delivery like other online shopping websites. This improves service in terms of delivery and security. The products all come in the big basket van, kept in red crates, and delivered by men in uniform. The delivery is part of the service, and hence safe for women, especially to order.

Deepika Kochhar – Big Basket

Apart from being a solution provider for many households, online grocery delivery BigBasket does have some flaws. The slots are sometimes just not practical. Sometimes you want your products when you want them, and to have to wait a whole day because there are no more slots left is bad.

A suggestion for the company could be to integrate a quick delivery service. This could be great for small purchases like less than 10 items. This would bring the service full circle.

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