Here’s How Your Business Can Capitalize on Instagram in 2018!

Instagram Visual Digital Marketing

Every business aspires to have its brand and products noticed by a wider audience and grow a massive and loyal follower base who is willing to buy from them. Instagram is one of the most effective and results-driven social media marketing platforms that your business can rely on to promote your brand and drive sales.

If used strategically, Instagram can be a perfect visual advertising channel for your brand. A study shows that Instagram has the potential to create 25% more engagement as compared to other social media networks. This truly depicts the fact that Instagram is a highly-targeted advertising network that can help you build your brand, regardless of its size, type, and industry.

If you are planning to market your products to your targeted demographics without splurging a fortune on paid advertising, it is high time to create the perfect Instagram marketing strategy for your business. But how can your business capitalize on Instagram marketing in this age of information overload?

Regardless of whether you are new to the world of Instagram or looking for tips to make some tweaks in your marketing strategy, here are some steps you can follow to get the most out of Instagram in 2018.

Let’s get into it:

Use Instagram Stories Creatively

GAP - Instagram Marketing
GAP – Instagram Marketing

If you want to make the most of Instagram, using Instagram Stories is indeed a worthwhile choice. The popularity of Instagram Stories has grown at a fast pace and more and more people are becoming aware of the Stories format. It’s high time for brands to use Instagram Stories wisely to increase their Instagram following.

Brands can use these tools to flaunt specific posts related to their products, featuring customers, behind-the-scenes content, short videos, highlights of company events, etc. There are a plethora of options in which these stories can be used, but keep in mind that these stories only live for 24 hours, before they disappear into thin air.

You can tag influencers and thought leaders in your Stories, or add face filters and stickers to make these posts interesting. Using hashtags and locations can make them more discoverable. Businesses can get the most out of Instagram Stories Ads and use them to tap into a newer and wider audience base. You can add actionable CTAs to your posts which can help you promote your brand, services, and products.

UCLA Athletics Marketing
UCLA Athletics Marketing

Take a look at the UCLA Athletics brand, which creatively used Instagram Stories to let their audience catch a glimpse of behind-the-scenes during team practice.

Use the Right Hashtags to Expand Your Reach

Using the right hashtags is an effective way to increase your brand reach. Instagram allows you to add up to 30 hashtags per post. You can create an awesome Insta-hashtag strategy as Instagrammers can follow specific hashtags along with the profile to check recent posts and stories.

The ability to follow your favorite hashtags is something that gives brands an innovative way to reach new users by using specific hashtags and conveying their brand message by promoting their branded hashtags. So, optimize your hashtag strategy in a way that helps you boost your brand exposure. You can use campaign-specific, branded, or popular hashtags to enhance the discoverability of your content.

Create Visual Consistency

Instagram is a powerful visual marketing channel, and having a clear visual strategy can help you stand out in your followers’ feeds. The primary goal of your Instagram marketing efforts is to catch the attention of your followers once they see your posts and encourage them to engage more with your brand.

A majority of established brands have created their specific style by using the same filter for every post so that their content becomes recognizable to their followers. It is recommended to find out the type of layouts that your audience fancies most. You can create a consistent visual style by using the same post format, theme, color schemes, filters, and text overlays so that your posts can easily be identified by your followers.

If you look at the social media game of The Frooti Life, their images have a unique, clear style, since they always use mango-yellow hues in their posts. This signature color makes their visual content instantly stand out and familiar in user feeds. If you post creative and attention-grabbing images with consistent visual composition, chances are that consumers can easily absorb your marketing message, while converting them into confident shoppers.

Use Instagram Live

Tapping into Instagram Live options is another great way to increase your brand reach and online presence. By going live and offering valuable content, you can increase your chances of getting more exposure, creating more brand value, and gaining more followers. When used well, Instagram Live broadcasts can give your brand a remarkable boost.

With the Instagram Live feature, you can conduct an interview or a Q and A session, show behind-the-scenes clips, or invite a guest to encourage more users to tune in. Keep in mind that Instagram Live broadcasts disappear from your feed when the video ends. J. Crew is making the most of the Instagram Live option and uses this feature to offer their exclusive offers.

Instagram Live feature can help you gain more loyal followers and makes your brand feel real. Through Instagram Live broadcasts, brands can show their human side and also encourage users to find more value in their brand.

Final Words

Instagram is a perfect social media network that can maximize your brand presence, generate more leads, build brand awareness, drive maximum engagement, and gain a huge, engaged audience. These advanced tips mentioned above will not only help you optimize your Instagram presence, use the right hashtags for your campaigns, offer live video content, and create awesome Instagram Stories, but they also allow you to create a unique visual identity that helps your brand stay ahead of the curve.

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