Book Review: High Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard

Book review - High performance habits by Brendon Burchard

High Performance Habits is a book that oozes facts and information that can enable anyone to achieve their maximum potential. This book will simplify the troubles and hardships in anyone’s life when trying to push themselves to achieve more.

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It will kill some myths and give an insight into the lives of the top high performers in the world, their habits, and how they became successful. Brendon Burchard is a genius in his own right, sharing twenty years of research on elite-level performance coaching, conducted via surveys, structured interviews, and professional assessment tools. Needless to say, this book can change your life.

High Performance Habits Must Read Book Review
High Performance Habits Must-Read Book Review – Develop Influence

“When you knock on the door of opportunity, do not be surprised that it is Work who answers”

Brendon Burchard

Book Structure/Format

The book is structured well and divided into three sections. It starts with an introduction, followed by a chapter explaining the quest of high performers, who they are, and what they’re seeking. The 6 habits are subdivided into two, personal and social, which take up the first and second sections, respectively.

This makes the book incredibly adaptable for someone who may be starting their journey of self-development and simply aims to build solid habits at a personal or social level.

The third section discusses in depth how success can be sustained. One of the key points that Brendon Burchard focuses on is that high performers have figured out how to sustain their long-term success.

They’re not people who have made it big but have been able to maintain that success over the period of their lives. In general, this is the pain point for many, success is achieved, but the skills needed to maintain it, dealing with higher and deeper level problems, are missing.

At the end of each habit, there are performance prompts that will enable you to introspect deeper. Each chapter starts with a quote that ties together the message of the chapter. Printable versions of some of the activities are also mentioned in the book. The book ends with a summary guide, which is great for future reference and serves as a quick review.

Notable Positive Features

The research and facts make this book special compared to other self-development books. Stories of clients and their interviews are noted to keep the book not only interesting but relatable for the readers. It is not your boring, heavy-on-theory type of book.

You will need to take time and work through the prompts and activities to be able to start building these habits into your life. The book is also great if you’re a motivational speaker, teacher, or leader of any size organization.

Logic and research can be used to make an organization better or give tips to others struggling with any specific hurdle in their life. The summary guide is great to help you revisit the points or go back and read in detail specific topics as you go on your journey of self-development.

“When we learn to see the struggle as a necessary, important and positive part of our journey, then we can find true peace and personal power.”

Brendon Burchard

Negatives of the book

The book’s only drawback is that it focuses on high performers and is meant for those seeking high-performance results in their lives. It may be too heavy and demanding for those seeking a light self-improvement vibe.

This book is definitely for seriously focused people. Reading, understanding, and slowly integrating these habits will take quite a long time. It may also be incredibly challenging to be able to stick to.

Some parts of the book may not be easy to understand if you’re unclear on the path you want to take. ‘Seeking clarity, as Brendon names it, can, in practicality, turn out to be a long process for some people.


High-Performance Habits is a book that will make you change your life permanently. If you’re looking to take the big leap in your life and willing to do everything it takes to become successful, this book is a must-read!

About the book author

Brendon Burchard is – a New York Times bestselling author and high-performance coach. He is also one of the world’s most-watched, followed, and quoted personal development trainers, with over 10 million followers across his brands. His podcast (The Brendon Show) and coaching classes are available online at

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