How are Companies planning for the Future use of AR?

Companies and Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality has been a talked term among the business groups since 2008. However, this year is said to be the most prolific ever. AR lets users in incorporating visual data on their usual mode, making users come close to the reality. The concept has witnessed a significant boost in near past.

The extent to which AR has reached so far among business groups

It can be said that augmented reality has managed to establish itself among the business groups. There are many augmented reality companies one can find in modern times. These companies mostly deal with the applications for commercial stores, as well as for the industries.

Tech giants like Apple and Google have come up with their AR platforms, letting people develop AR apps. The best part about the platforms of such is the way these have benefitted the Augmented Reality Companies. It is now possible to integrate AR features within the available applications and develop explicit products with advanced AR specs.

Needless is to say that the business groups are planning to make the most of such platforms to develop even greater products. One of the finest examples in this regard would be AR view, one of the popular features of Amazon. It lets the users check products at their homes as well prior going to buy those. This is the flagship AR spec by Amazon in the digital retail segment.

Needless is to say that the features of such are going to provide much-enhanced experience to the users in coming futures. No wonder if we witness many of such advancements by other business groups in upcoming days. With consistent development, it is expected that such products may become available among the small-scale business groups as well.

AR among auto and industrial sectors

Apart from the retail sectors, the other sector that has been in focus of the augmented reality companies is the automobile sector. Many interesting AR products have already been developed letting users experience the most realistic feeling of driving. They can feel the movements like passing around the vehicle touching its body, opening the doors, checking inside, etc.

The hilt of the AR products is already pretty significant among the manufacturing houses. Many business groups have also started making use of products like Google Glass Enterprise for enhancing the efficacy. A lot has developed in the wearable AR technology segment, making things easier for the workers working at the ground level of the industries. The technology has started helping people working at the troubleshooting departments of different industries. Apart from Google and Apple, the other prominent name in the technology arena Toshiba has started coming up with its AR solution segment known as dynaEdge AR Smartglasses. No wonder if many such augmented reality companies surface in the upcoming days.

Factors stopping it reaches ground level

It’s indeed true that the business groups are already excited about the advancement in AR sectors. Research and Development wings are in all efforts to enhance things from end consumer point of view. However, the biggest challenge these companies have started realising is the availability of the proper device to support the technology or the concept. No doubt there are many favourable scenarios available for the technology.

Still, there’s a lot to be developed at the ground level; to make it a usual term for everyone. To be specific, one has to go for various arrangements for using the technology of such. Various things need to be downloaded for using the AR platforms of such. Efforts are on to make things the most convenient possible so that the business groups can adopt it with the least technological hassle.

Cost of 3D

Apart from the various aspects mentioned above, the other aspect that makes things baffling is the use of 3D technology. It is a well-known fact that 3D technology is hugely used in Augmented Reality platforms or products. Now it is an open secret that 3D technologies are pretty expensive in comparison.

It is thus getting tough for the small-scale businesses or the mid-range technology houses to try AR products. It is thus highly hoped that everything could be addressed in this regard in the coming future. Many possibilities can be expected if these cost-related aspects are addressed thoroughly.

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