How Can Call Center Software Enhance Customer Experience

Customer expectations from any business for their services / products are ever increasing. In order to keep up with those expectations, businesses have adopted several different methods to ensure utmost customer satisfaction.

One such method is call center software. As a natural instinct, whenever a person is in a pickle or in a problem, his instant reaction is to look for help.

Now in the present times, looking for help has never been easier. The most convenient way to reach out to someone, asking for help is through the phone. The helper is always just one phone call away. This stands true for the customers who have queries or problems regarding a business’s product/service.

The easiest means of reaching the customer service department is through a phone call. Now on the part of the business, it has limited number of executives and several customers, it is bound to reach out for technological advancement in its operation.

One such advancement has emerged by the name of Call Center software. Call Center software has helped businesses in streamlining priorities which are cost effective, time saving and efficient.

Here are few reasons why Call Center software also helps in enhancing customer experience:

  • Single interface – For the purpose of referring to an older conversation for the purpose of dispute resolution between the customer and the executive, ot for that matter the company, call center software provides for a unified database. This database has stored all the activities that have taken place on the face of the business and helps in keeping reference. This also helps in saving a lot of time for a customer care executive when he is faced with a returning customer. Instead of picking the customer’s brain for getting the history of previous problems and interactions, the executive has an easier tool at hand. He can just log in to the database and find all relevant details.
  • Control calls – Call center software performs all the functions that are performed by a normal phone, in addition to those there are a few features that makes the customer experience better. A phone can mute, connect conference call, hold call among other things. With call center software, the customer care executive can transfer a call completely to another executive who is better qualified to handle the case at hand. This shows efficiency and how the executive’s priority is to serve the customer with best services.
  • Call recordings – Each call that a business receive is thoroughly monitored. All the activities and conversations that are exchanged between the customer care executive and the customers are recorded. This purpose of recording these calls is to keep a secure database for future reference and also for training purposes. There would be calls with exemplary outcomes and also failed outcomes, each makes for a learning experience for the existing and potential customer care executives. It also helps the executive to get a good idea about a returning customer’s previous activities with the business.
  • Cloud-based connectivity – A business can function across different locations, locally as well as nationally. It could also operate cross-border, but it all belongs to one single entity. Then how is the information retained? This is taken care of by the Call center software. The Call center software provides for a secure and stable infrastructure, on the cloud, for prime performance and maintaining efficiency. It stores all the data on the cloud under one server which is extremely secure and easily retrievable by the business executives. This helps keep the data in check.
  • Executives’ connect – Call center software provides for a feature wherein it allows the customer care executive to transfer a customer’s call to another executive who would be able to help him out better. Similarly, there is another feature wherein the executives could connect to each other without any hassle of dialing a phone or an extension number. All the executive has to do is, put in the other executive’s name and click, they will be connected in no time.
  • Call Queue – The call center software also has features which provide services like call queue management. In this the customer experience is improved while waiting on a call with the executive in the form of custom music, redirect to voicemail or reduces to call back. This does not waste the customer’s time by keeping him waiting with no response. Such instances wherein the customer is kept on hold without any response have taken place in huge numbers. This leads to customer dissatisfaction as he ends up being frustrated. That is not the goal of the business. The purpose of the business is to ensure customer satisfaction that can be implemented by Call center software.
  • Customer information – Each customer reaches out to the customer care executive with different and unique sets of data and issues. All this information should be easily accessible to all the executives. It helps them in keeping up with the customer and also gives in an insight into different kinds of problems that can come up while dealing with a customer. It may actually help speed up the process if the executive knows exactly how to deal with it. This accessibility is provided by software like call center.
  • Notes and disposition codes – Call center software should provide the executives with the ability to alter call logs by entering disposition codes or call summary notes. This could help in updating and managing customer relationship management (CRM) and assists in retaining vital customer information. This function would bode well for the customer as every intricate detail of his activity with the business would then be in records and in case of any future troubles, it would be resolved quickly.
  • Real-time analytics – Call center software provides for a feature of maintaining a real-time analytics. It basically means that all the activities that are taking place at one moment are on surveillance and being monitored in real-time on a real-time dashboard. This is a useful tool because in case there is some immediate action that needs to be taken in a situation, then waiting for someone to report it would be extremely time consuming. But if all activities are being displayed on real-time, then actions will be taken instantaneously without any delay. This will prevent more than required damage to the business and keep the customer’s best interest as a priority.

Published by Apoorv Bhatnagar

Apoorv Bhatnagar is a Digital marketer at Freshworks Inc. He generally writes about software that improve your marketing, sales or hiring process.

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