How Can You Lighten Up Your Customer Support Environment?

Do you relate customer care to a stressful job? What could be the reasons for building up the burden? The only factor that makes you hooked to the job should not be the hefty pay package. Customer support is the critical wing of a business that takes the lively essence of the consumer behaviour directly to the company management.

If the concerned operations are successful to adsorb the insights received, the business is sure to bloom better.

Consider a simple case study to exemplify this. A biopharmaceutical company that supplies ingredients to pharmaceutical and consumer product companies has a flagship product. In spite of having astounding key benefits, the consumer service team faces numerous complaints regarding its ability to gel into a formulation. Being the highest selling product it is and the widest consumer success, rapid and effective reaction, as well as action, is necessary.

Multiple internal departments are to be involved and responsible and experienced technical support executive has to coordinate all the activities and convey them to the consumers.

The issue was found to be solubility in different solvents and exhaustive interventions tackled the issue to the core, wiping out the uncertainties in the product’s future demand. The stringent timeline, mounting of other tasks and staggering figures automatically add stress to the job.

If so, how can you subtract the stress factor out of the customer service jobs?

Intelligent team construction and unified coordination can be the solution.

Technical support team should be a mixed, proactive pool of skills

Recruitment of freshers to a customer care center may be generalized with recruits from different educational backgrounds. They get trained to polish their communication and teamwork skills and learn about the products they may handle.

Businesses working full-fledged in customer service simultaneously with their production and marketing wings are able to provide top-notch service in all the functioning areas. The idea works better with a technical support team rather than just customer care center.

The team members having sufficient exposure to the technical details of its products, and operations can utilize them to concisely guide the querying customer. The same team can support the marketing department in all the sufficient high-quality resources to back up the selling products and garner clients and market.

The support members, in the process, get insight into the prevailing market conditions and the on-ground performance of the products, utilizing them for improvements. Combining all these in the bigger picture, the manufacturing and development wings imbibe a more focused approach towards developing hot-selling cakes.

Coordination within and outside the team

The company has all the talents and manpower it can get within a single group and the real preparation is to systematically engage them in the most productive tasks. A member with sufficient research and technical exposure can be at the forefront to interact with the intellectual clients and understanding new market insights.

A member with excellent interpersonal communication skills can effortlessly manage unsettling customers and brainstorming technical specialists. Book-keeping and backend support give the necessary backup for minimizing individual query-settling time and streamlining responses.

When multiple talents are at work, a leader has to show the way to complete customer satisfaction. Confusions on dividing responsibilities and avoiding the entry of silos must be the frontal task. Deriving productive work from the team members without draining them and accurately portraying the team’s performance will keep up the company’s and client’s interest.

A communication going out of the team or coming from an external team has to be treated with the same unified spirit irrespective of the influencing factors. And, point to be noted, the communication should culminate to a result, that goes to the record. The biggest asset of a technical service team is a prosperous consumer profile. The fuller it is, the lighter the response becomes to undertake.

The same consumer may approach the company repeatedly, to different persons and in a single tap the user history props up. In the same way, the same complaint arises from different sources, which, if documented, can put the future responses at ease of putting extra effort. The information technology department of a company is always at rescue for designing innovative data management tools for handling such copious amount of data.

How much time does it take to review an important response mail composed by one of the team members? Insignificant, considering the hours of labor you are putting every day. The mail server gives access to all the executives and wise inputs on time keep customer relationships flying high.

Interest drives the best in service

The result of a service task is perspective and the motivation to do it must be the willingness for serving. A customer service executive has to be culpable for conveying a consumer’s issue with the exact impact as it is having on the user and the producer. It is easy to make a query ticket, but pursuing interest makes the ticket move forward at the desired speed.

Again, interest in settling an issue makes an executive to keep track of critical transferred queries. Once acknowledged and informed, he can act better in a similar impending situation in the future. An updated tab of one’s individual work within the team’s combined work and future goals of the upcoming challenges lightens the shoulder of customer support.

Published by Apoorv Bhatnagar

Apoorv Bhatnagar is a Digital marketer at Freshworks Inc. He generally writes about software that improve your marketing, sales or hiring process.

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