How To Choose A Font For Your Brand

Choosing Typography for your Brand

Are you starting your own business? How about applying for a new job? Personal branding is becoming more important, especially in a competitive workforce.

Even if you’re writing your resume – branding matters; while you may not be ready to turn your name into a logo just yet, it’s important to consider the impact that something as simple as your font selection can have.

For instance, writing your resume in Comic Sans might score your point if you’re applying to the circus, but any other employer is likely to deposit your resume straight into the trash.

And if you’re in the advanced stages of creating your own small business, then finding a visual identity that aligns with your future empire’s core goals and values is even more important.

The following infographic, courtesy of Fundera, offers practical advice on choosing a typeface for your personal brand. Fundera also researched over 150 Fortune 500 companies across diverse industry segments to discover which font families certain industries gravitate towards.

For instance, if you’re planning on starting a clothing line (or applying for a job for a clothing company), you might want to use a classic serif font in your branding. That was the typeface of choice for 50% of surveyed apparel brands.

However, if you’re launching your startup company, you might be better suited to a sans serif font, as demonstrated by the 60% of start-ups that chose sans serif over any other font family. For more tips and insights, check out the full infographic below:

FUN Choosing Typeface layout
The following infographic, courtesy of Fundera, offers practical advice on how to choose a typeface for your personal brand.
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