6 Tips to Convert Website Visitors into Customers

How to convert website visitors into profitable leads

In the always-changing world of digital marketing, garnering website visitors is not your biggest challenge. No doubt, it is a great accomplishment to watch the traffic grow, but all those visitors mean nothing if they don’t convert into sales.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to get the ball rolling and increase those online sales.

Here are six of the most effective growth hacks that will convert your popular website into a profitable one!

1. Live Chat to the Rescue

Live chat has taken the world of marketing by storm as both companies and consumers are increasingly utilizing this feature. As many companies are already aware, it is a great way to improve customer service, resolve queries more quickly, and eventually increase conversions. Additionally, live chat is also favored by companies because it is a cost-effective option and can relieve a customer service department from managing repeated queries.

Live Chat has also proven itself to be an excellent tool for conversions, as it prevents visitors from abandoning their purchases. It does this by generating triggers that initiate a live chat with a customer.

These visitors have the potential to become customers and are tracked through activity signals and then influenced to complete their purchase. An example of the successful adoption of live chat is Blue Soda Promo; the company accomplished a 60% live chat conversion rate.

2. Offer Freebies

It does seem counterintuitive to provide free stuff instead of making money. But trust me, it works. Free giveaways grab a customer’s attention and potentially increase sales. With little upfront cost, the number of conversions giveaways generates makes your business more profitable and increases your conversions.

They are especially useful for companies working on subscription models because a free trial is precisely the thing needed to boost a visitor’s confidence and convert them into customers. Additionally, it also helps ease a customer’s hesitation, which often prevents them from making the purchase.

Moreover, it also demonstrates the business’ confidence in its product as they are readily providing a free trial. It is this confidence that rubs off on visitors and makes “them” confident enough to complete the deal. Remember that these free trials need to be executed with care for the best results.

Here are some dos and don’ts:

  • Don’t play games: Consumers these days have become cautious as they have been stung previously by free trials. So, don’t use it to trick and lock them into making a purchase. It doesn’t pay in the long run because a bad review can spread like fire.
  • Make canceling easy and quick: Don’t burden customers with a long cancellation process. Make it as pain-free as possible if you want to increase conversions!
  • Refrain from asking for credit card details: Asking for credit card information can deter potential customers. So, to reflect ultimate confidence in your product, opt for a free-of-requirement giveaway.
  • Listen to feedback: Feedback from free trial members can increase retention rates, as this indicates that your business truly cares. It will boost your conversion rates as visitors will find your customer service trustworthy.

3. Making People Follow the Crowd

People feel confident doing anything if they see others doing the same because it reduces their fear as following the crowd is less risky. So how do you apply this to your business marketing strategy? It is very straightforward! Just implant Signs of Social Proof, which will assure them that many other people are also purchasing your product.
Here are some different ways to do this:

  • Testimonials: Testimonials provide social proof of the highest grade. They not only show potential customers that others are buying your product, but also express the positive feelings they have for your product. It would be even more successful if you receive testimonials from popular social media influencers. Just provide industry bloggers with free samples and watch your social proof skyrocket.
  • Logos: Display logos of your clients as they create confidence amongst visitors. It shows them that big names already buy your products. Just make sure you ask their permission before doing so.
  • Big numbers: If you have some impressive numbers up your sleeve, then display them in a prominent space like your homepage. It will draw visitors’ attention and instill trust in them at first sight. Statistics, like the number of people buying your product, can push the odds in your favor. Just incorporate them in a modest way just as Basecamp does.

4. Let the Product Demo speak for itself

Online marketing is way more complicated than marketing traditional brick-and-mortar stores. Fortunately, with technology, you can make visitors virtually feel your product to satisfy their curiosity and ease their fears through Product Videos.

These demo videos bridge the gaps and allow online businesses to emulate the effect of physically approaching and guiding a customer in a store. With just one click, customers can carefully observe your product and mimic what they do in stores. It leads to added satisfaction and pushes them towards making the purchase.

Statistics show that great videos have successfully increased the conversion rate by 30%. An example of successful video conversion is KissMetrics, whose product videos have been shown to increase sales buy by 64% to 85%!

However, the important thing to consider here is the quality of the video. If your visuals are not engaging enough, then it could have the opposite effect. So, ensure that the demo videos are high-resolution and relevant, show the products from every angle, and highlight their best features.

5. Stealing Away Completion Via a Comparison Page

Online stores are also prone to competition, so why not make the best use of them? In every industry, potential customers compare products to get the best value for their money. You can use this in your favor by providing them with those comparisons to aid their decision.

However, how will this help your business? All you have to do is to steer their perspective by displaying only the data which demonstrates you as a better choice. That way, visitors won’t abandon the purchase to make comparisons but will purchase from your site instead.

This strategy is also economical as all you have to do is create a landing page specifically designed to highlight “you versus them” items. Just remember that it should be a well-optimized page so that it draws attention! Following seasoned professionals like Melinda Bak – Communication Strategists can be of great help here as they can create websites and landing pages that will surely steal all the completion away!

Here are some more ways through which you can implement this strategy:

  • Use a comparison blog post
  • Use a comparison chart
  • Use a price comparison calculator

6. Always Be Testing

A/B tests can identify the changes you should make to your site to increase the conversion rate. Put simply, it requires pitting two versions of a webpage against each other. Each version of the webpage will be sent to 50% of your visitors.

So within no time, you will be able to identify the version which performed better and resulted in more conversions. After that it’s easy. Just utilize the better-performing webpage to help continue to drive conversions.

You might think that changes via A/B tests would lead to only small upticks in conversion rates. However, it has been proven to be very successful. A great example is Formstack which experienced a 47.7% increase in clicks by just changing three words, “Why to Use Us” to “How It Works.”

So, try these hacks and let us know how many points your conversion rate increases!

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