How to Create a Website Which Targets Your Ideal Market

Hire A Website Design Company

A functional, easy-to-use, and well-designed website sounds like a tough combination to achieve. However, once you achieve it you can target your ideal market, generate new leads, increase conversions, boost sales, and maximize your productivity.

For businesses operating in a physical space, how a well-designed website can boost your sales could seem exaggerated. However, as 77% of internet users in 2015 bought a product online, the power of eCommerce and website design has become quite evident.

Worried about creating a perfect website that communicates all the benefits associated with your products or services? Have a look at our tips.

Highlight Your Customer’s Preferences

Digital marketing has changed from ‘our brand’ to ‘our customer’s brand’. Today, your USP and sales copy needs to revolve around customer needs. From design to content navigation, each aspect of your website needs to deliver something to your customers.

For example, on a university website people find information regarding the university which includes its phone number, email address, fee structure, available courses, etc. If your university website only provides promotions, offers, discounts, a letter from management, and other such content, chances are that people will bounce from your university website.

Don’t Do It Alone, Speak to Web Designers

A website’s design is the backbone that designates position to the content, highlights the key features, incorporates brand values and ensures customer engagement. Poor website design would never deliver the required digital presence and marketing results. Along with that, if you hire separate designers and developers for your website, chances are that the final product will fail to represent your brand’s values and ideologies, let alone engage the customer.

The solution is in hiring a full-service website design and development agency that also offers branding services is a great example of a company that does just that. This way, you can get a website that engages the customers, delivers brand values, boosts sales, and helps you achieve all other anticipated results. When hiring a web design and development agency, take care of the following aspects.

  • The agency should be interested in your brand and line of business. Even if the representatives of the agency ask many questions, take time to answer them properly to ensure that your website not only represents your business and its values.
  • Effective communication is the key to get what you want. The agency should be motivated to communicate with you at each step of the design and development process, and should keep you updated.
  • It is essential that the agency asks for your opinion at different intervals. Even if you are not aware of the latest industry trends, you will still be aware of the expected deliverables, and ask for changes if required.

Improve Customer Usability and Utility with Fitt’s Law

Many website designers and developers avoid using Fitt’s Law as they find it ‘too complex’. Well, we’re here to tell you that it’s really not. Fitt’s Law is one of the easiest and most suitable rules for boosting your website’s utility and usability for the customers.

The concept of Fitt’s Law revolves around engaging the customers, drawing their user’s attention towards important content. Fitt’s Law can be applied to small sections of your website as well as to the entire website design. For example, if you want to emphasise the ‘Try Us’ button, you need to keep the size of this button larger than other buttons.

Choose Quality over Quantity

Quantity can confuse the users, especially in this era when each user is bombarded with plenty of information throughout the day. When we talk about quality, our focus should remain on the following elements.

Highly responsive website, You need optimised websites not only for your customers, but also to qualify for Mobilegeddon and rank for SERPs.

Clutter free, Do not put too many features, images and buttons in your website design. You don’t need to occupy each inch of the screen to make it look good. Customers prefer clean and clutter-free websites that are easy to scan and navigate.

Quality content, Create simple, attractive and engaging designs. Various types of content on a website include text, pictures, videos, infographics, etc. Choose content that is visually appealing and informative so that customers get best value for their time and money.

Efficient and functional web design ensures customer engagement, which results in boosted sales and an expanded customer base. Spending money on hiring a professional website design company is not an expense, but an investment that is necessary to meet the increasing requirements of digital marketing and e-commerce.

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