How to Hire the Best Graphics Designer for Your Company?

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How can your company stand out among your competitors? The answer is through an effective graphics design plan. It is rightly said, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Long gone are the days when people would take the time to read never-ending manuals and lengthy web content. According to a study held by the Web Marketing group, 40% of web users are more attracted to visual imagery than simple text.

Therefore, it is imperative to hire the best graphics designer out there. Only a highly qualified designer will be able to convey your product or service’s message to the target audience in an efficient way.

Finding the right person for the job is not an easy task, especially when you have choices literally pouring in from everywhere. The following are some tips to help you choose the ideal graphic designer for your business:

1. What are friends for?

The best way to start looking for a professional designer is to ask your friends, family, and colleagues. Who could better recommend someone you can trust with your business’s promotion than a friend or a family member?

This allows you to avoid someone they’ve had a bad experience with. Moreover, when you’re on the lookout, check their references carefully.

2. Do your own research

Search the internet for different freelance/micro gig websites, company sites, and forums. Shortlist the ones with the best graphics design experience and then contact them one by one to find the best suited to your needs.

3. Check their portfolios

Qualified graphics designers showcase their portfolios on different promotional platforms. Before you jump to an interview, ask for their portfolios to see the quality of their work, and understand if they’re skilled enough to work for you.

4. Ask about their Experience

Now that you have a list of graphic designers you can choose from, start asking them questions. Ask them to be specific about their past projects.

For example, if your company offers custom table covers, a designer having experience only in website design might not be competent for the job. Therefore, you need to look for a designer with skills in crafting marketing blueprints.

5. See the price tag

If you’re a new business or an individual, you wouldn’t want to hire an expensive designer. Make sure you check the pricing structure carefully before hiring. Generally, experienced agencies and individual designers charge higher. To avoid embarrassment later, it is best to check the designer’s hourly rate or finalize the lump sum price.

6. Explain what you need

No matter how experienced or skilled a designer is, they are not telepathic. They would still need to know what you want them to accomplish. To ensure they efficiently deliver what you need, arrange a few one-on-one meetings with them and share a detailed account of what your business is all about, what is their job precisely, and what your expectations are.

Be very meticulous about the message and objectives of your product/ service.

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