10 most simple techniques to increase views on any YouTube video

Increase YouTube Video Views

Have you lost yourself after uploading your favorite, well-prepared video on YouTube because of not gaining maximum exposure as you expected? Is your video somewhere around in tons of videos behind! Oh Oh, don’t worry!

Below are the best techniques to hook your video in the YouTube galaxy and set in front of your 1st page!

Choose your thumbnail carefully

As we are familiar with the saying First impression is the best impression. Then why don’t you follow this in your videos? Selecting a thumbnail for a video is a vital thing. It should be appealing and click-worthy. By default, YouTube shows three thumbnail options but if needed you can upload your own customized image.

Never forget to optimize your Metadata

Yes, you heard right! You should not take the light on metadata. If you do then you miss the guaranteed traffic and maximum exposure of targeted traffic. What does metadata include? Likely title, description, and tags for your videos. So the key is to lock your video perfectly with metadata to aim for tons of traffic.

Attractive Title and Description

Write a concise and call to action luring and promising title. You can search for global monthly traffic for the phrases you are using in the title in “YouTube’s Keyword suggestion tool”. Do not forget to choose an exact match when searching for the tool. Mention a lengthy description of what your video is about, what it is, for who it is. Aim to have at least of 250-word description including the key phrases which you already used in the Title. As a caution, do not make it look spam, be balanced. Use tags as another extra feature where you have adding the possibility of phrases, keywords that you are unable to add in Title. Do not stuff with many but limit between 10-15 phrases.

Pay Attention to Comments

Engaging with the audience is another technique to increase your views. Read the comments for your videos and take the time to respond well. If you find some as spam then clean them by deleting and reporting immediately.

Invite to Subscribe

Invite your viewers to subscribe to your channel and let them know when a new video is posted. It increases subscribers as well as your revenue and helps your channel to sustain. It enables to increase the appearance of your video in YouTube searches and ranks high.

Users like playlists

The best technique employed by many professionals is creating playlists. Playlists are nothing but a series of videos or curated lists of videos instead of showing separate videos. It increases viewership, engagement, channel time, video length, and other important factors to improve your YouTube SERP’s.

Featured Video

YouTube automatically shows the recent video posted in the Featured section. It allows you to navigate a list of videos while watching a current video. However, to increase YouTube views it is best to select the most popular video from your channel. Just go to your Creator studio settings and select your best video in the featured studio content. It provides a great channel experience leaving a huge impact on your viewers.

Recent Activity to increase loyal views

Show what are you up to on YouTube. For example, if you like or favorite a video then it shows in the recent activity and also in the content creator. Video owners whom you have added in the favorite list are likely to click through your content and some even favorite your videos. It’s a simple technique to create contacts on YouTube to bring loyal viewers to your video content.

Fill out everything

Fill out everything in the YouTube upload form to increase your visibility. Add every single detail like time, location, annotations, and much more. The detailed and the longer your description, the more it will rank for searches. Similar to Google, contextual keywords are vital for YouTube searches. So do not just focus on a single long tail keyword rather focus on different related search phrases.

Series of Videos

Creating just a video is not enough. It should be engaging, funny, informative, and attractive. More importantly audio is the heart of any video. Make sure the audio quality is good. Sometimes it is advisable to hire an editor to add a professional touch. You can publish a series of videos that make the audience hooked to your channel. To create your brand, leave a sign off with your every video. Also, make a schedule for your series and stick to it as it brings more views.


As you see here, a little comes a long way. Create your video content by following the above techniques in the first step. Give attention to every detail to create a perfect video. These tips are tested and proved to be effective in driving traffic to your YouTube channel.

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