Green Lifestyle: Smart Ideas to Decrease Energy Consumption

Ideas for go green lifestyle

Increasing rates of gas and electricity make it necessary to switch to safe and cheap alternatives. By decreasing your carbon footprint, you can save your money and the environment. Electricity prices are significantly rising annually.

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Here are some sound strategies to decrease energy consumption and adopt a smart lifestyle.

It can be challenging to afford sudden changes, so feel free to make these changes gradually.


To decrease the consumption of energy, unplug all appliances when they are not in use. Your washing machine, microwave, computer, and TV have a standby mode. Remember, they still use energy in this mode, so don’t set your devices on standby and unplug them after their use.

Before buying an electrical appliance, check its energy star. Try to buy appliances with a good rating. A larger model can be more efficient than a smaller unit. Carefully evaluate your needs before purchasing new appliances.

Moreover, carefully buy an efficient washing machine. Numerous front-loader washing machines can save your money and the environment. These machines need less water, detergent, and power than top loaders.

Similarly, you will need an energy-efficient freezer and fridge. These appliances work non-stop, so consume more energy to increase your bill quickly. Try to buy an energy-efficient freezer. Choose specific models that use a hydrocarbon like a pentane or butane as a blowing agent and refrigerant. A fridge must have a strong insulation form.

Cooling and Heating: Insulate Ceiling or Roof

Insulation can keep your house pleasant in winter and summer. With adequate insulation, you can save money on gas and electricity bills. Draught-proof your home to properly seal your windows and doors. Window seals and draught excluders are available at an affordable rate.

Use a damper to seal your chimney because heat and cold air can escape from this area. Moreover, it is necessary to stop the passage of hot air during warmer months. If you want to save money, it is essential to avoid the installation of downlights. These may use lots of energy and penetrate the insulation and ceiling. CFLs (Compact fluorescent lightbulbs) can be a great option to illuminate your house.

Shade windows

Close your external doors and windows when your air conditioner or heater is running. It is essential to shade your windows during hot days of summer to keep heat away. Try to turn on your air conditioner early during humid or hot days. If you are expecting a hot day, try to pre-empt the heat instead of waiting for the time when your room is hot. Setting the air conditioners at a higher temperature, such as 25 ºC can be suitable for your house. Ceiling fans are cheaper than air conditioners. These may have less impact on your environment.

The average green household emits almost tons of gas. A suitable amount of gas is necessary for everyone. You will need gas for electricity generation. Every home may get the advantage of green power.

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