Importance of Android Phone and Tablet Rooting

Importance of Android tablet or smartphone Rooting

There would hardly be any arguments to the statement that Android phone users would like to have complete control over their device in regards to how it functions and what programs and applications does it contain.

And that’s where most of us are put off when the phone we buy has some default applications installed and their un-installation is blocked. And that is precisely where the need to root our Android devices emanates from.

That said, greater control over the phone and its features is not the only reason one should go for rooting Android devices. There are a number of valid reasons that make it absolutely essential for you to root your phone or tablet. The manufacturers may not have given us certain privileges over our phone, but rooting can let the control slip back into our hands:

Enhance the Way it Works

If a question is asked on what is that one attribute you want your Android phone to boast of and most of us will speak in near unison to utter “speed”. And that is something the default programs on your phone are probably hampering.

Besides, there are several apps that Google Play makes available for you to boost the battery life of your phone and bolster its speed. An Android app like SetCPU for Root Users proves to be extremely resourceful for enhancing the performance of your phone by overclocking it and at the same time, extending its battery life. Then there is Greenify that closes all the programs that run in the background of your phone, without your knowledge whatsoever.

Do Not Let Unwanted Ads Appear on the Phone

It does try our patience sometimes when we have to see those ads popping up from everywhere whenever we are playing our favorite game on the phone or accessing some important piece of information over the Internet. And this is again rooting comes to the rescue as it can help you block these ads using alternatives like AdFree, AdBlock Plus among others.

Better Phone Security

Arguably, our phones contain a cluster of valuable data that must be protected at all times. And there indeed are apps available on Google Play for that. However, one of the most reliable of such apps, Cerberus anti-theft, works most effectively on rooted devices. This app requires you to configure them in a way that can only be done when you have better privileges and greater control over the security of your phone. Otherwise, the firewall and network protection layer of the app aren’t half as effective if you cannot facilitate custom settings on the app.

Customize the Visual Elements

If you do not like your keyboard’s layout and want to use some other keyboard that gives you more room to type, go ahead and root the device. If you wish to alter the visual interface the way you please, rooting the device will give you that freedom.

A Kernel that Facilitates Better Communication Between Software and Hardware of Your Phone

Certain configuration changes in Android phones necessitate the need for a custom kernel. And this can only be made possible if you are using a rooted device. It is very important to let the hardware of your device communicate smoothly with the applications you install for better performance. You can also enjoy the feature of Wi-fi tethering on a custom kernel.

Remove Fluff

Going back to how I started, we do not want those unnecessary default applications eating up the space and affecting our phone’s speed. But, simply for the fact that they are made irremovable by the manufacturer, we can’t remove them and have to put up with their not-so-positive effects on our Smartphone. This is again where rooting of the device proves to be a huge asset. Once we have more privileges with our phone, we can uninstall any application we deem unsuitable for the phone, and modify the settings of certain apps that do not make it possible to tailor with unless the device is rooted. Titanium Backup is one of the significant applications you can find on Google Play and that proves to be handy on rooted devices. You can make use of the app to uninstall the unwanted default applications because you are now given an elevated privilege to do so.

It is no surprise that more and more Android users are choosing to root their device, considering the privileges associated with it. If you aren’t comfortable with your phone’s manufacturer default settings, it is time to root your device.

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