12 UX Changes to Make Now In Mobile App to Make It a Big Success

User experience and Mobile application development

Do you want your users to come back to your app or website again? What is your strategy to attain this? Well, every business strives hard to attract its customers and convert them into loyal customers.

However, in this ever-growing market, this seems quite impossible as the search engines and Play stores are overflowing with millions of websites and apps.

So, what you can do to distinguish your business from others? If you’re at the initial stage of your web or app development, focusing on UX design can help you better. User Experience aims to satisfy your customers by providing seamless interactions with your products or services, retaining them for a long time.

Yes, in today’s digital world, UX design has become a high priority and must factor into every business strategy. Now let’s dive into

12 reasons why UX is considered an integral part of their app development:

1. Cuts down on development cost

This might sound weird to you how UX design can help you save on development costs. To understand this aspect, you need to know that a good UX design is a result of thorough market research, prototyping, user testing, wireframing, and final implementation. When you opt for UX design and development, their designers spend hours designing the app to meet the expectations of customers.

However, being a business owner, it is crucial to keep in mind two factors which include prototyping and user testing. Prototyping helps you to avoid creepy features in your website and add content in an organized manner whereas user testing enables you to test your product in the market.

2. Boosts your overall revenue

Have you ever given a thought that why users prefer your app over other brands that include the same content, same products or services, etc? Well, according to researchers, 75% of users explore a website or an app when they fall in love with its aesthetics. An intuitive user interface that satisfies customers’ needs has the ability to convert leads into loyal customers.

3. Motivates users to interact with your content

Customers often find content on your website or app that includes texts, images, videos, etc. Whether you’re running an eCommerce store or lifestyle blog, content is a must. So how UX design motivates your customers to interact with your content?

Well, UX designers first create buyer personas to attract customers by adding fake profiles of users and what is motivating in their app. UX designers provide personalization as well as help to achieve consistency.

4. Helps to increase customer loyalty

Helps to Increase Customer Loyalty
Helps to Increase Customer Loyalty

When your customers have a positive experience with your website or app, they are said to be your loyal customers. A great UX design not only attracts users but also increases your conversion rates by providing your customers with great empathy and identifying bottlenecks, resulting in loyal customers.

5. Helps in-app monetization

When your UX design meets the expectations of customers and provides them with what they’re seeking, you can run in-app promotions to earn better returns. A UX designer knows when to promote ads and receive profits.

6. Reduces updates

Once your customers are habitual to your website they will keep purchasing, and with time you as a business owner should update your app. But human behavior is unpredictable some accept the change but some might feel annoyed with app update pop-ups.

7. Adding hues

A UX designer is only responsible to decide which color the UI designer should add to the website, based on the analysis of customer preferences. UI designers cannot randomly add color hues without concerning and analyzing the UX research report. So be wise while adding color to your app as it should be eye-catchy but at the same time very light to the eyes.

8. Helps to decrease uninstalls

If customers are happy with your website in terms of UX design, the probability of uninstalls automatically reduces. According to researchers, around 20% of users uninstall their apps if they don’t find them worthy initially.

9. Stimulates word of mouth

Developing an app is not the final stage, because then comes marketing into play! Yes, app promotion is important to create brand awareness. Besides, other marketing campaigns’ word of mouth also impacts the business’s bottom line. When your customer is satisfied with your app he/she will surely recommend it to others.

10. Stops you from wasting your resources

When you can create a better UX design, you can eventually save on human resources, money, and time. If you don’t provide seamless customer experiences, spending on sales and marketing managers is a waste of human resources and money. So before you proceed with hiring your app development process, first stay organized and hit the market with the best app.

Stops you from wasting your resources.
Stops you from wasting your resources.

11. Don’t create a messy app

Based on the UX designer’s report, the UI design of the app should be articulated accordingly. With proper order processing, product category, and description, everything matters a lot. So ask your UI and UX designer to work hand in hand in order to achieve the best mobile app for your business and excel in this dynamic market.

12. Pay attention to comments

Visitors would always leave a comment or write reviews of your app, pay attention to reviews. It is important to understand your user’s viewpoints and then amend the design of the mobile app. UX design is what you need to be worried about as this is what your customers will give reviews about.


From the above-mentioned factors, it is clear that UX design is the king in delivering the best app in the Play stores.

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