INDIA’s Richest man Mukesh Ambani to reside in the world’s most expensive house

Mukesh Ambani - Antillia Home Mumbai

Everyone dreams of living in a large house with luxurious facilities and but only a few blessed ones get an opportunity to make this dream come true.

Reliance Industries Chairman – Mukesh Ambani is one such man. The man who has been in the news for various reasons is back again, this time for owning the most expensive house in the world located in Mumbai. Antilia, a mythical island in the Atlantic Ocean, has been chosen for Mukesh Ambani’s residence.

This beautiful house of the business tycoon took 7 years to be completed for a whopping sum of close to two billion dollars, making it the world’s largest and costliest house! (If one could call it a house!) It was built under the guidance of US architecture firms Perkins and Will & Hirsch Bedner Associates.

This dream house of the Ambani’s has 27 floors, and it is believed that the materials used on one floor have not been used on any other floor to lend a sense of novelty to each floor.

The Ambani family will be residing on the top four floors, which measure about 37000 square meters. The first six floors of this mansion have been turned into a parking area, which has a capacity to accommodate 168 cars. And if you thought that is all this house has, well, this is not over yet!

Many more things in this house leave us amazed and stupefied by its grandeur and scale. The next floor has a lobby and 9 elevators. Along with all these luxuries, there’s a theatre which 50 people can occupy.

Not to miss the health spa, gym, dance studio, swimming pools, and guest rooms that occupy the other floors. A provision has also been made for 3 helipads with their own traffic control. Surely in Antilia, Ambani has got himself everything without having to step out. The architect definitely deserves appreciation for creating something so wonderful.

Much like the upper-class English houses, Antilia has a ballroom with a roof covered by crystal chandeliers. The recreational needs of the family have also been given attention. Antilia also has a garden where the family can spend some leisure time. The famous Hanging Gardens of Babylon have inspired the look of the garden.

The Ambanis are getting ready to throw a lavish housewarming party on the 28th of this month, which is expected to have elite personalities like Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh and India’s favourite batsman Sachin Tendulkar as guests.

What’s more, in a few days, India’s richest man will be residing in the most expensive house. With so many extra-ordinary features Antilia is definitely susceptible to comparison with other mansions owned by people worldwide. This is not the first time we hear of a luxurious house owned by a rich man.

Even in the past, people invested a huge amount of time and money in building their dream houses. Some of them are the Villa La Leopolda, built by King Leopold II in Belgium, is now owned by a Russian billionaire and is worth 524 million US dollars.

The Beverly House in California, which is worth 165 million US dollars, has 29 bedrooms and 3 swimming pools and is now put for sale for 95 million US dollars. Dracula’s castle in Romania has 60 bedrooms and is worth 135 million US dollars.

However, by building himself a luxurious home, has Mukesh Ambani made Indians proud of having the world’s most expensive house built in India or is it a mere lavish show of wealth?

What do you think?

INFOGRAFÍAS elEconomista of Mukesh Ambani’s Antilia House/Home by Belén Trincado

Mukesh Ambani's - Antilia House Infographics by Belén Trincado
Mukesh Ambani’s – Antilia House Infographics by Belén Trincado

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