Benefits of owning a home you probably didn’t know

Advantages and disadvantages of owning a home

Home, sweet home! A phrase we might not hear as much as we want in this era of high-rise apartment buildings taking over. Home is something that you need to watch grow from the ground up, like watching a kid grow into adulthood.

You’ll have to care for it, nurture it and provide them with a solid foundation for their and your future.

Home is what you’ve invested in emotionally, physically, and financially. Where you can relax after a long tiring day at work and seek comfort in the warmness of it. Home is not just a shelter, Home is family.

So, what is so alluring about the possession of a home?


This is your Home. There’s no one to tell you the do’s and don’ts. There’re no stingy landlords to answer and no constraints on hanging those portraits the way you want it. You can truly customize it to match your personality, and you’ll know the true sense of feeling cozy and safe in a cocoon you built for yourself.

The Right Place to Put Your Money

The smartphone that you bought for INR 25,000 a year back now costs only INR 15,000. Materialistic things tend to lose value over time, but when it comes to real estate properties, they defy this law completely. The population is only swelling up. The city is expanding at a rapid rate as the outskirts are being encroached.

This will eventually shoot up the property price in these backward areas over time. One could buy or construct a home with the best building contractors in Bangalore for qualified rates and watch it triple in value in the next 10 years. It’s choices like these that merit your time and money.

We All Need Our Ground

We are no longer cavemen looking just for shelter, but a stable home. Paying rent is like burning a hole in your pocket and not knowing when you’ll be asked to move out is a risk no one wants. Owning a home gives a true sense of stability and security, especially when one is looking forward to starting a family. Home is not just a financial investment, but rather an emotional one.

Put An End To Unpredicted Hikes

Buying a home in Bangalore is no easy task, but it’s a one-time investment. Once it’s made, all you must look forward to is returning from it. Renting a house, however, is a monthly cash out. A hike in rent on a yearly basis is a troubling affair.

This affects your budgeting. One can break from this undesirable suspense by constructing a home and it also positively affects your savings. So, choose the right House construction company.

Stop moving

Owning a home increases sustainability and stability. Moving from one rental to another is always a major inconvenience and a financial burden. You’ll always live in uncertainty of where you’ll be living next to or how expensive it’ll be compared to your current rent. Owning a home allows you to have financial and emotional stability in your own living space and in your community.

Article by: Deepak N.R., a tech-savvy Civil Engineer who is passionate about learning anything new related to construction and technology. I’m constantly trying to find new ways that can help you in making your dream home a reality.

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