Ushering In a New Era In Home Buying: How Upnest And Its Rivals Are Revolutionizing Real Estate

Planning to buy a new home?

Change is inevitable, especially with the rise of modern real estate companies that are revolutionizing everything within the industry.

Looking back two years ago, the real estate landscape has changed significantly, and while looking at the future, based on the plans that are underway from major real estate companies such as UpNest and its rivals, real estate is about to get into a new era. Turns out that it is only the beginning of awesome and exciting things to come.

How is the revolution happening?

Here are some of the revolutions in the real estate industry.

  • Homebuyers and home sellers can get real estate agents near them through the Upnest platform and can sell or buy a home within a shorter period.
  • Homeowners are now able to sell their properties directly to real estate tech companies, which is less risky and also take less time.
  • The home buyers are also able to purchase homes directly from real estate tech companies. Buying a home is becoming easier, the same way you order for food on Amazon or order an Uber, that is the direction that the real estate industry is taking, thanks to real estate tech companies such as Upnest and its rivals, we are about to enter into a new era of home buying, whereas long as the buyer has enough money, they can order a home from their phones, and move in the same day.
  • Real estate tech companies are also looking to offer end to end-user solutions, where every transaction that involves purchasing or selling a house can be done through the phone. For instance, sorting out the mortgage, issuing of title deeds, search, and other transactions.

Does this mean that it is a new era with all these companies offering their platforms for you to buy or sell a house through their websites?

Redfin is now buying homes and selling them. However, Upnest offers a different angle, where the buyer or the seller of the house can get in touch with a listing real estate agent through the Upnest platform.

This is a platform that allows the buyer or the seller to be in charge of the whole process, and also will enable the buyer or seller to save more through realtor’s commission reduction.

Zillow is offering other services such as brokerage, mortgages, and titles. So in a way, it is a new era in real estate, the major companies are taking a new direction.

Comparing Upnest and Zillow

These are major companies within the real estate industry. Zillow was a media and information company, while Upnest has always been the realtor’s platform. Zillow is entering into buying and selling of houses, where the home buyer purchases directly from the company, or the home seller sells directly to the company.

Upnest allows the home buyer or home seller to get access to realtors within their locality. The realtor enables the client to buy or purchase at a lower commission.

Zillow’s perspective does not give the home buyer or home seller any control, so the buyer has to pay a fixed price, on the other hand, Upnest gives the buyer or seller control to bargain on the commissions and hence saving millions at the same time.

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