Infographic: Useful Apps for Seafarers!

Mobile apps bring convenience to a wide range of activities these days and the practicality of apps for people at sea is no exception. There are so many apps these days that help you safe at sea as well as many apps that store a large quantity of information about rules and regulations seafarers need to be aware of and be able to access quickly.

The main goal of these apps is to make life at sea that bit more straightforward. An example of such conveniences is the app that monitors the position of your boat using GPS, and the app that enables accurate weather predictions while at sea.

Precise information on these issues is particularly important and now we have the technology available that can perform these important functions while at sea.

Other apps hold a large volume of information about rules and regulations while at sea. No longer is there a need to have large books that make so much helpful information impossible to access.

Vast amounts of information can now be accessed at the touch of a button, in simple but extremely useful apps. An important function of these apps is to give seafarers the peace of mind they need that they can access important information quickly if they need it.

This info-graphic from Boat Ed gives you all the information you need on the must-have apps for seafarers available to download today.

Must Have Apps for Seafarers
Must-Have Apps for Seafarers – Click on the image for full view.
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