Interesting Design Resources – PlaceIt, Sidebar and Gradient Finder

Just came across couple of interesting design sites or tools and thought to share the same with you all. Today I am gonna introduce you about three useful design related websites, one is PlaceIt by Breezi, and the another is and tha last one is Gradient Finder, OK let’s go in brief.

Design Resources and Tools - PlaceIt, and Gradient Finder
Design Resources and Tools – PlaceIt, and Gradient Finder

PlaceIt by Breezi

is used to Generate Product Screenshots in Realistic Environments, you could choose any of the mobile or tablet or laptop frames provided like iPhone, iPad, Android and other devices to take screenshots as if they are really photographed. Just upload or point to the webpage for which you need to fit a screenshot of your products in these devices that’s it it will automatically processed on the fly to place your product within a realistic environment. I really liked this, it actually saves some designers time to edit the pictures – must bookmark.

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is an another minimal website which I came across which actually gives you access to quality and five best design links every day. If you can’t remember their website and can visit their website quite often, you may be missing some good design links – in such case you could signup for their newsletter or subscribe to their RSS or follow them on Twitter or Facebook – they have actually provided alternatives to reach the designers. And if you feel some great design resource has to be shared with their readers – you could even submit your favorite design links or resources to get it published in their website. Since when I came across this site – I keep following this site regularly.


is an another interesting and very useful for the designers who will be having tough time to convert their designed gradients to CSS based gradients means Gradient Finder will convert an image to pure CSS Gradient. There are many other CSS Gradient generators available out there where you could manually enter the color codes and its gradient break points etc. But this is totally different, you don’t need to remember any color or break point etc. Just drag and drop gradient image you designed that’s it, the pure CSS gradient code is in front of you – it is as simple as that.

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I like all the three tools – hope you all liked it too. Why not share your thoughts about these three tools and you can even share some design tools which you feel is worth showcased and get reviewed.

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