Is It Alright to Dress Down at Work?

Business or Office Dress Code, Formal or Casual

What does you typical work outfit look like? If you work in an environment that requires a uniform such as in a fast food restaurant, post office or grocery store than you don’t really have a choice in what you wear as everyone who works there wears the same or similar attire.

However, if you work in a office or at a bank for example than it is very likely that your outfits are different and there may even be a dress code. According to an article by Forbes casual dress might actually be doing more harm in the workplace then if your place of work required a uniform. If, for example, you wear polos and slacks or t-shirts and jeans at work and the same type of clothing when you are not at work, how do you differentiate between work and home? According to another article, people who work for companies that participate in dress-down days have been shown to be happier on those days then the days they have to wear business dress. If this is true, then why not make everyday dress down day and make everyone happy all the time?

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