Is Your Business Taking the Best Advantage of Apps?

Business Apps to consider

Back in the days when desktop PCs were the only machines on which business was conducted, the software we purchased was known as an application. It was not some shortened, slangified version of the word.

It was the real deal. You had to go to a real store and pay real money for a real piece of software that came in a real box. If it cost less than a hundred dollars, it wouldn’t have been taken seriously as something for the business sector.

Today, we run apps. That word has become so popular; a national restaurant chain even uses it instead of “appetizers.” It is a word spoken by young people who still get an allowance from their parents. It conjures notions of 99¢ iPhone games with in-app purchases and punch-the-monkey ads.

Whatever an app is, it is not something taken seriously by people who wear suits to the office to get real work done. The time has come for that perception to change. Here are three types of apps every “real” business should consider:

Event Apps

Your company sponsors events. Your clients have smartphones and tablets. If you are not offering a custom app for those events, you are leaving money on the table and not getting the most out of your event investment.

Companies like DoubleDutch offer event apps that can be customized for your particular needs. Here are just some of the functions of mobile event apps can facilitate for your company:

Event participants can access your branded up-to-date mobile guide at any time and easily create their own personalized agenda with a few simple taps of their mobile devices. Save money on printed paper guides and thrill attendees by providing a mobile schedule.

Such apps are also good for:

  • Survey polling
  • Attendee networking
  • Sponsorship opportunities
  • Lead scanning
  • And more

Let’s face it; attendees are going to be head-down in their smartphones while at your event. If you want maximum engagement, you will have to be where their attention already is. These types of apps can make a real difference in your return on investment.

PDF Apps

Never let a non-functioning pen hinder you from inking a deal. All sales paperwork could be filled out electronically on tablets with the right apps. There is no need to carry a briefcase full of paper forms, only to discover that you are all out of form 54-E.

If you get a PDF that you have to attend to while you are on the go, you don’t have to find someplace to print it out before addressing it. With PDF-handling software, you can fill out and modify any PDF right on the device you carry in your pocket. You can sign it and send it back without having to come back to the office.

Remote Meeting Apps

If you wonder why the budget is so tight, check the expense report under “travel.” Meetings can cost your business a fortune. Many of them are unnecessary in light of current technology. With the right apps, you can hold a face-to-face meeting right on your smartphone or tablet without ever leaving the office.

These apps allow you to start a meeting or join in on your mobile device. You can share your screen with the other participants. And if you have a device with a camera, such as an iPad, you can share your video presence with the group. GoToMeeting even allows you to record the meetings. With these video remote meeting apps, you can get real work done and save real money in the process.

Gone are the days when you had to pay $500 for a Microsoft Office copy to get some real work done. You can be a mover and shaker by just using the right apps on the mobile device you already own.

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