How to Reset Windows Login Password with iSeePassword

Reset Windows Login Password

Sometimes, remembering the password of your various devices and accounts can be quite a hassle. Between Gmail, Facebook, Instagram and your Windows login password, you are bound to forget some.

If you forgot Windows login password that is one of the worst cases imaginable. Realizing that you can’t access your computer is a nightmare no one wishes to experience. Thankfully, we live in a time where there are various apps available that allow you to reset and, thereby, access your desktop. One such app is iSeePassword.

What is iSeePassword Program

This program makes the act of resetting Windows administrator password a piece of cake. Rather than finding different software for different Windows versions, this program succeeds in being a holistic all-in-one solution that renders the need for reinstalling the OS again unnecessary.

Hence, the program provides you with a solution where you can reset your Windows login password without having to worry about losing any of your precious data. Whether it be a local administrator account or the “other user” password, this software manages to rest them all without a glitch.

Versions of iSeePassword

Do you wish to be provided with additional features on top of the basic ones offered by most software? Or are you the one who would rather opt for a budget-friendly solution rather than invest heavily in the software you don’t see much use of? Well, iSeePassword caters to both these audiences. It successfully does so by developing two versions of the software, namely the Pro and Advanced versions.

Both these versions differ regarding the type of features offered. For instance, while the Advanced version now allows you to reset the password of your Windows 10 login account, such an offer is not present in the Pro version.

The Pro version is enough to provide you with the basic features that may include removing the local and user account and password and resetting them. This version of the program also lets you reset your password via a CD/DVD and features a free upgrade for your lifetime. This means that you never have to go through the hassle of reinstalling the program each time a new update is released to the masses. Once you download the service, you are good to go for life.

Convenient Guarantees

The major problem with investing in software programs that ask for a price for their features is the concern that you might get ripped off. After all, once you have paid the cost, there is not much you can do, right?

Well, this is not the case with iSeePassword. This is because it is equipped with both a free trial and satisfaction guarantee. Therefore, if you are not satisfied with the performance of the software, you can always make a claim and get back the money you paid. Similarly, the free trial lets you enjoy the program for a given period without bearing the brunt of the cost. If you believe that you losing your password is not an everyday occurrence, you can always opt for the free trial and get the job done.

How to Reset Windows Login Password?

iSeePassword makes the task of resetting your password doable without difficulty. All you need to do is follow these three steps, and you will be able to access your locked account yet again.

Step 1: Download Program

It all begins with you installing iSeePassword on a computer that is not locked and, hence, accessible to you. Once you have downloaded the setup, proceed by installing and running the program on the accessible computer.

Step 2: Creation of Bootable CD

Once the setup process is complete, you are required to create a bootable CD or DVD. If the computer you are working with does not have such a slot, you can use a USB drive for this purpose.

iSeePassword Reset Password Tool
Begin to Reset Windows 10 Login Password, then Reboot Your Computer

Step 3: Reset Your Windows Password

By using the burned CD or USB flash drive, you can access your account and reset the forgotten password. The program aids in automatically forgetting the old password and providing you with an option that merely asks you to put in a new password to access the account.


It is programs like iSeePassword that have made life quite easy. Let’s face it; most of us have undergone a situation where we were locked out of our laptops. You probably can relate to the sadness that wraps you when you lose all your data owing to your forgetfulness.

Use iSeePassword and ensure that your worst nightmare never turns into a reality. Always be one step ahead and don’t let the flaws of your memory bring you down. To be on the safe side, we will advise you to have a reset disk ready by your side in case of rainy days. Be cautious and if you can’t do so, you always have iSeePassword to rely on.

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