Joomla templates just got a makeover: a brief account of the seven leading updated templates.

Joomla Website Templates

Using Joomla comes with its share of perks. Over 2 million websites actively use Joomla every day for regular functioning and data management. Since its launch, it has taken over 3% of the entire web and 6% of the CMS market. It is right behind WordPress with its expanse of new features, opportunities, and extensions.

In fact, the huge collection of Joomla extensions is one of the biggest reasons most people choose this CMS cum site builder over others.

Very recently, Joomla updated the top 7 of the people’s favorite Joomla templates, and here is a brief intro to each one of them before you rush to install them.

Top 7 Joomla Templates to consider


Tixon - Joomla Template
Tixon – Joomla Template

Tixon is a multi-business Joomla 3 template that comes with its share of UX-friendly features. It is currently a complete Bootstrap solution for your website. Tixon is a multi-device template, and it comes with a powerful Helix 3 framework. It’s VirtueMart three. It is ready to use. It is well-suited for factories, lawyer’s offices, insurance companies, retail stores, online shops, and digital marketing agencies.

Joomla developers have used SP Page Builder to create Tixon. It is incredibly easy to install, set up, and customize. You can check out blogs and tutorials of the leading Digital Marketing Adelaide agency to learn new ways to update your Joomla website with user-friendly add-ons.


Cuisine - Joomla Template
Cuisine – Joomla Template

The Cuisine is the responsive restaurant theme template you have been looking for this far. After the 2018 update, one can use it for fast food, ice cream shops, street food joints, pizza joints, boutique coffee shops, bakeries, sit and dine restaurants, and cafes alike.

This one is a Joomla 3.4+ template that uses the Helix 3 framework and SP Page Builder Pro. It is also RTL language ready. This makes the Cuisine template unique to all food and restaurant-themed templates from Joomla.

Shaper Onepage

Onepage - Joomla Template
Onepage – Joomla Template

Onepage is a sleek, light, and 100% responsive theme that has undergone recent sprucing up by Joomla developers. This one is ideal for some agencies and organizations due to its multi-purpose approach. Onepage introduces custom captions, fixed position navigation menus, SP Simple portfolio, Helix 3 framework, and CSS/JS compression options.


Glamour - Joomla Template
Glamour – Joomla Template

Glamour is a fashion and beauty template that is Joomla 3.3+ ready. It currently sports AcyMailing newsletter support, Helix II Template Framework, Helix shortcodes, K2 Support, HikaShop, SP Page Builder Pro, Mega Menu, and fully responsive design.

The K2 extension makes Glamour particularly ideal for companies looking forward to a blog and content-rich experience. Hikashop is a new addition to the Joomla developer team. This is an e-commerce solution that helps you to manage and update your online inventory.


Corporex - Joomla Template
Corporex – Joomla Template

Corporex is the template of the future for business agencies and corporations looking to take their online presence up a notch. It uses a Helix II Template Framework, but it comes with K2 Support, full RTL Language support, and extensive documentation. It is Joomla 3.3 ready.

Corporex comes with Google Analytics integration, AcyMailing Newsletter, and rich shortcodes to make the life of developers a lot easier. Corporex can become your new best friends for the coming days if you are thinking about starting a corporation, agency, or organization’s website design.


Qubic - Joomla Template
Qubic – Joomla Template

This is a Joomla 3.8 template design for all service providers, who want to stay on top. It comes with several integral SEO-friendly features. It uses Helix 3 template framework that the Joomla developers updated in October 2017. The page builder comes with the latest version of SP Page Builder Pro.

This one has over 41 premium add-ons for all Joomla users at the moment. You can choose to create one-page websites or switch to a multi-page approach. Qubic has the power to deliver a high-quality UX along with fast navigation to all users.


Eventum - Joomla Ttemplate
Eventum – Joomla Template

Eventum is the responsive, customizable event cum conference template for all Joomla users and website developers. This one uses Joomla v3.8.5. The latest update to Eventum came on 16 Feb 2018. As per the latest update, it uses a Helix 3 framework. It also uses the SP Page Builder Pro v3.1.1.

It provides all the tools you will need for easy schedule and event management. You need no extra extensions or add-on downloads for managing your upcoming events. Eventum does not call for the proficiency of codes for complete website creation and management.

These seven multipurpose website templates from Joomla currently sport a flurry of updates and new features. Many of them make content creation easier, while others ensure that your site stays optimized for the new Google 2018 updates. Most importantly, almost everyone ensures that your site remains secure, robust, and user-friendly for better search engine ranks.

Author bio: Emily Peterson has been working with several digital marketing agencies to help them create the perfect website. Her niche is Digital Marketing Adelaide, and an acute understanding of the local SEO of the market makes her the go-to person for all kinds of website development and optimization needs.

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