Latest Upgrades in Cloud VoIP 2016

Cloud Phone System - Cloud VoIP

The Cloud phone system has revolutionized the way users ever perceived telecommunication. It is now almost impossible to think about a modern office or home without the latest VoIP phone.

Voice over IP is a decade old technology that has managed to gain acceptance among users slowly but steadily. The VoIP market is now worth hundreds of billions and with the addition of new features, things are looking extremely bright for the service providers.

VoIP or Cloud Phone system is a constantly evolving field of technology and it is no more a stand-alone system. Unified Communications and IoT have opened newer avenues and we are looking at a future that holds immense promise for both the users as well as the service providers. Year after year new features and upgrades have made VoIP one of the most robust communication technologies around the world.

The year 2016 is no different from the previous ones as cloud phone system users around the world are gearing up to embrace the new enhancements. Both the commercial as well as residential VoIP phone systems are getting these upgrades.

New set APIs or Application Program Interfaces are being added to the cloud voice platform. These APIs can be integrated into a variety of vendor environments through upcoming releases.

Reasons to cheer are many and in this blog post, we are going to have a look at the enhancements one by one. We shall also try to learn about the benefits general users like you and me can expect:

  • Cloud phone system or VoIP can now support Nomorobo. This is an extremely effective API used to blog unsolicited calls, scams and even fraud attempts. VoIP service providers will get the necessary toolkits along with a dedicated portal for customers to sign up for free service that will block telemarketers and robocalls.
  • VoIP technology companies are also doling out freebies to the commercial service providers. The commercial service providers will now be able to extend their business and residential services to PCs, tablets and smartphones. These devices will have apps from the technology partners. The end-users of a cloud phone system can be easily served as well as supported from the Admin portal.
  • Quicker activation of phone addresses can be done with the support of API integration. The new cloud voice platform can be integrated pretty easily with APIs and median software for Level 3 communications.

The above enhancements are all aimed at delivering better management and useful features to customers of the cloud phone system. These would also help in streamlining the workflow and making the companies more agile while responding to customer needs.

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