Magento or Shopify – Make Your Choice

Magento Vs Shopify

As much as the community edition is popular among small businesses, Magento enterprise is equally preferred by big organizations. An open-source eCommerce platform, Magento over the years has surely made life easier for online businesses.

Developers can execute and customize its core files, extending the features and functionality by integrating plugins and trusted extensions published by independent developers.

The Enterprise edition gives you the liberty to go with added features in the original software itself. You also get the advantage of technical support, general maintenance, installation at the setup, and random troubleshooting of issues.

Newer versions of the software have been released over time to boost user experience, improved layout, enhancing business conversions, and promote expansion.

The improved tools have really helped users worldwide to take their business to the next level.

Another notable eCommerce platform that has been making waves during the last few years is Shopify. It has received some noteworthy mentions at Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and even from some of the popular tech magazines.

The user interface has been defined as neat and clean, imbibed with user-friendliness.

With the launch of an API platform and app market, developers have also been able to create applications for online stores in recent years.

Shopify has increased its visibility across Apple mobile devices and has clearly come out as one of the popular platforms for both small-scale owners and large companies.

Businesses often have a problem in selecting the right platform for their online stores. Shortlisting the two out of many seems to be a lesser problem than making the final choice as both the platforms offer some great features and advantages.

The infographic below aims to ease that out and showcases what each platform has to offer. Take a look –

Magento Vs Shopify Infographics
Magento Vs Shopify Infographics

Infographic Transcript

Magento Vs Shopify

Know What Works for You!

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Inventory Management Inventory Management
Larger Pool of Themes & TemplatesLimited Pool of Themes & Templates
Greater Number of Apps & Add-onsLesser Number of Apps & Add-ons
Multi-lingual CapabilitiesDoesn’t allow Multi-lingual Directly
Blogging Functionality via PluginsBlogging Functionality an Integrated Feature

Ease of Use

Simple Interface Simple Interface
Installation & Set-up is ComplexEasy Installation / Set-up
Hosting is RequiredHosting is Included in Shopify Package
More Flexibility Due to Open Source NatureClosed Platform with Restricted Flexibility


No Support in Community Edition24×7 Support Availability
Deal-with-it-YourselfCommunicate via Email, Phone & Chat
Community Support from other DevelopersPowerful Support Center Answers All Queries
Vendor Support only in Enterprise EditionPeace of Mind at all Times

Hosting & Security

Set-up Your Own HostingTakes Care of Hosting
Cheaper Packages Might Not HelpFree Domain Name
May Require a Dedicated Server & CDNSSL Certificate & Level 1 PCI Compliance
PCI Certified & SSL Security SupportAutomatic Backups


Enriched with SEO FeaturesEnriched with SEO Features
Absence of Social Media PropertiesSocial Media Flexibility
Comprehensive Newsletter SubscriptionOrdinary Newsletter Subscription Service
Built-in Extensive Promotion OptionsPromotion Options are Limited
Analytics & Statistics – Detailed ReportsSimple & Easy Analytics Reports

Cost & Pricing

Free Community EditionNo Set-up Fees. Trial Option Before Buying
Domain + (Hosting May Cost $5-$100/Month)Plans Starting From $9-$299/Month
Transactional Fees as per Payment Gateway UseDefault Gateway. Any Specific is Chargeable
Enterprise Edition Costs $18000/YearNo Bandwidth Fees
Paid Themes are available as low as $1Paid Themes are Expensive Starting $80

Final Word


Magento is an open-source platform offering more flexibility. Complete control to create an eCommerce site the way you wish.

Built-in marketing functionality is superior. More apps that can be used for additional functionality.

Absence of support with Community edition. If you need it must, then purchase the Enterprise edition.


Shopify is easy to use solution. Saves you the time and the hustle so you don’t have to think about hosting.

Provides you with amazing support via phone, email & chat. Available round the clock.

A closed platform so no customization. Also, not many apps on the App Store.

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