Mindset – Sets your mind to concentrate better!

Mindset: smart headphones that improve your concentration

Did you know that the human mind gets distracted every 11 minutes at work? It takes not less than 23 minutes to get back to what it was doing. How do we deal with this?

That extra bit of concentration… the focus that keeps us away from all distractions…. Seems like an unreachable goal isn’t it? Not anymore! There is something that can help us achieve all this with great ease.

The efforts of engineers David, Warren, and Jacob resulted in a new product called Mindset (Smart headphones that improve your concentration). They were advised by Randy Frisch, prof. Ajay Agrwal, Peter Carrescia.

Benjamin Joffe, Duncan Turner, and Kate Whitcomb in creating Wearable Technology gadget, a pair of smart headphones that will contribute to your efforts to concentrating.

Introducing Mindset Headphones

Mindset with EEG Sensors

It is not a magic device, but a brand new product backed by scientific evidence. It performs in such a way that you would have improved your levels of concentration without even realizing it. The technique Mindset uses to help you in your day is the well known electroencephalography or EEG sensors.

Monitors Human Brain

Through this it not only monitors concentration, but also keeps a check on your anxiety levels, emotional status and other related changes that occur in the human brain. When you start using the Mindset, it tracks your concentration throughout the day and sends you an alert when it finds that you are distracted.

With regular and long term usage of this device, your mind learns to concentrate deeply for longer number of hours and you enjoy uninterrupted work experience.

Smart Headphone understand your Mindset

Let us understand the look and the make of the unique device. The work headphones as they are called are hassle free because they are wireless and connect to your phone or computer via Bluetooth. This simplifies its usage making it a desirable thing.

How Mindset Smart Headphones Works?

But what happens when you run out of battery? Nothing can interrupt your listening experience when you have an Aux cable that you can plug in.

Active Noise Cancelling

It is important to ensure that you can hear nothing but what you want to if you need to focus. Mindset does exactly that! It eliminates all the sounds that can distract you while you are trying hard to concentrate on something very important. It carefully listens to noise around you and prevents it from reaching you.

Obviously this means that you can hear things with greater clarity. To ensure this further, the makers of Mindset have joined hands with Onkyo, pioneers, which allows you to listen to every detail of your content. You will never miss anything that’s important to you.

The additional features include the gyroscopic hinge that makes the cups be gentle to your head and the microfiber that is lighter than the regular leather used for these purposes. The Mindset is a flexible device that distributes its weight evenly on your head.

Power of neurofeedback

You can see the changes in your concentration levels with the neurofeedback feature of the Mindset. It helps you see how much you have improved and what you need to work on. It won’t be wrong to call the device a gym for your mind. Finally, we have a boon of improved productivity and an enhanced career.

Below are couple of important features and specifications of Mindset smart headphones:


  • 3 active dry electrodes: C3, Cz, C4
    ~200k impedance
  • 2 active dry reference electrodes: A1 & A2
    ~100k impedance
  • EEG signal processing chipset
    1uVPP noise floor
    Actively shielded wires
    Up to 16kHz sampling rate
  • Accelerometer


  • Rechargeable 800mAh
  • 8 hours continuous playback, ANC, and data streaming


  • Optional 3.5mm audio cable
  • USB-C connector
  • Dual-mode Bluetooth 4.2 + 2.1


  • 40mm audio driver
  • Active Noise Cancellation

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